Monday, February 29, 2016

Feb 29

This was one of my favorite weeks of the mission. It is cool to see that things dont always work out how we want them to, but God has a greater plan. I know there are great things to come here in Talara!

Maritza and Thomas told us on Monday that they felt it was way too soon to get baptized. So unfortunately, no they were not baptized this past Saturday, but we saw SO many miracles with them this week. They are one of those families that God has been preparing to receive the gospel, and every lesson I get so excited to see the miracles that God is sending them.

On Tuesday, we taught them about tithes and offerings. We were a little bit nervous, because they have been SO golden, and we were praying and hoping that they would accept this commandment. After the lesson, Maritza told us, "This morning I had the word 'tithing' pop into my head. And i knew that i needed to fulfill this commandment." We were so shocked/happy at her response, but it was just another reassurement that although they dont feel ready to be baptized, God is preparing them little by little. 

On Thursday, we did divisions with members, and I went to teach Maritza and Thomas with our branch president and his wife. President expained a little bit more about how they can pay their tithing, and explained that all of the money goes to the Lord, and that he didnt receive any of it. Maritza spoke up and said, "President, if you want to steal the tithing money, that is between you and God, but im gonna pay my tithing no matter what." THE BEST. We went on to teach about eternal marriage, temples, and family history. After the lesson Maritza told us that she had been praying all morning, and the thought came to her that she wanted to be more united with her husband, and this lesson told her how she could. And then she kept praying, and she thought about her dad who died 9 years ago, and she gained a huge desire to do something for him, but she didnt know how that was possible. Temple work was the answer for her. It is amazing to see how God isgiving her all of these testimony building experiences, and every lesson with them is another testimony to me that God knows us all individually, and this is the true church of Jesus Christ.

This week we found a new investigator, Tanya. She is 17 years old. In the first lesson, she accepted to be baptized March 26, and we invited her to pray about Joseph Smith. The next lesson, she told us that she felt something she had never felt before when she prayed! We gave her a BOM, and the next lesson she had already ready a few chapters (super rare for the people here).. This weekend we had a District Conference Sat/Sun and she came with us to both sessions. Another one of those chosen people ready to receive the gospel!

Friday we had a Multizone Meeting with Talara and Sullana. I got called on to give one of the talks, so I talked a little bit about the Atonement, and the importance of repentance for both investigators and missionaries. I also loved the talk that Hna. Rasmussen gave. She based it off of D&C 68, and how even Joseph Smith had fears, but he put his faith in the Lord. I know that God is capable of helping us overcome our fears through the Atonement and our own desires to change for the better. Im seeing little miracles in my own life every day as i use the Atonement and put my trust in God.

Vivo la Piura Vida, y la amo.
Disfruten su semana xoxo

Hna Richan

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