Monday, March 7, 2016

7 Marzo

Ojala que tuvieran una buena semana, I sure did! 

This week was like the rest, little miracles every day. I have been sooo blessed to be with Hna. Dorado and see that exact obedience brings blessings, I know that is true! We both thought that we would be staying in Talara for another transfer , but turns out that Hna Dorado is off to my first area and i'll be staying in Talara for 2 more transfers training! Came out of nowhere, excited and nervous, but know that I am gonna learn a lot in these next couple transfers. I will find out who mi hijita is on wednesday!

La Familia Barrientos is beyond prepared. They know the church is true, they are doing everything they need to be doing to get closer to Christ, every lesson is a testimony to be that this is the work of the Lord! They keep telling us they want to get baptized in May, but we know they are ready. We keep praying that they will lose the fear or whatever it is so that they can take this step of faith. 

Tanya came to church with us again, and is reading every day. Its awesome, every time we ask about what she learned in the BOM, she gives us full on details. She understands the stories, and applies them in her life. I love that I am able to learn from the investigators too. She is still planning on being baptized March 26. 

This week has been a little bit crazy, LOTS OF RAIN, which is a change for sure. So we found ourselves doing service helping with the damage here, and we worked on finding new people this week. So it's been good, every day brings something new!

Something that Hna Dorado and I noticed is that just about EVERYONE in our area has heard of the church, and the majority have a Book of Mormon. It is crazy how known the church is, but it is just another testimony that the Second Coming is SO close, and we cant procrastinate the day of our repentance. Im so grateful for a Savior that made it possible! We can repent, and we can be prepared for that great day. 

Love you allllll

Hna Richan

 how we felt with our transfers

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