Monday, March 14, 2016

14 Marzo

MI HIJA nació, she is from Puno, just like Hna Dorado. They actually knew each other before, so it's kinda funny. She is 23 years old, and since day one has been a trabajadora. She loves to work and help everyone we see, it's awesome. She's super sweet, humble, and tranquila. I think the biggest problem is that she is more scared of cockroaches than i am, so im the one that has to do the killing now..😖 

Awesome week with the Fam. Barrientos. We have been PRAYING and PRAYING for them because they are SO ready to be baptized, have a testimony, go to church every Sunday, the only thing wrong has been that they have wanted to wait til May to get baptized. But FINALLY we invited them to be baptized March 26th, and they FINALLY accepted! Seriously a miracle, we are just working on teaching their daughter all the lessons before that day. 

We found a new hermanita, Merecedes, who is a single mom with 4 little kids. We taught her the Restoration, and she told us that she felt like she was doing a lot of things wrong in her life. She wants her kids to be a part of a church, and she realizes that she needs to repent. She asked us, where the church was at and at what time. Accepted to be baptized in the first lesson. People like her are the people who progress. The people that are humble, and willing to admit that they need Jesus Christ in their life. Im reminded more and more every day of how necessary it is to repent and use the Atonement in our lives every single day

Im so grateful to be sharing the gospel during this Easter season, and for the hope and knowledge that we have that soon enough we will all be freed from our pains, and troubles of this life, and be resurrected even as Christ was. 

<3 Les amo

Hna Richan

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