Monday, September 28, 2015

28 Sept

3 MONTHS! Crazy how time flies. This week was crazy, a lot happened. This week I have learned a lot about how God works. Before we are able to strengthen our weaknesses, he points them out very clearly. I have been finding weaknesses that I never knew I had, but I know that only through seeing them I will be able to strengthen them, and realize that it is through CHRIST that they can be strengthened. :) Definitely learning a lot here.

This week with Viviana and Jaime... They asked US when they can get baptized! WHAT, that doesnt happen ever. We can see how much they need the gospel in their lives, and they have the greatest desires to change their lives around. We set a baptismal date for mid October, but it will probably not work out that soon. They are not married, and he still needs to finalize a divorce from 10 years ago. But they are willing to do it. And we need to teach them the Word of Widsom. They both smoke, and Jaime is an alcoholic. But it is at the point where he knows that it has kind of destroyed his life, and he wants to change. We briefly talked about it with them, and they agreed. We have a strong feeling that they will agree to live the Word of Wisdom, we are just waiting for the timing to be right. They are basically at rock bottom. He just got fired from his job, and they have no money. We took Viviana to Women's Conference on Saturday, and she loved it! The messages were perfect for her, and she (and Jaime) already have strong testimonies. So we know that they will get baptized at some point, just a lot of things to work through first.

Speaking of Women's Conf., I loved it. I watched it in Spanish, but still was able to learn from it and have a few prayers answered. I'm really excited for conference this weekend!

On Saturday, we were passing by the chapel and saw about 15-20 teenage boys. None of them members. A member was there, and told them that he would let them in to play soccer on the chapel grounds if they would listen to us speak first. So they all piled into the chapel, and Hna. Bazan started teaching about Jesus Christ. She looks at me to start talking, so I did.. And I got about half a sentence out and a few boys started laughing. Then I said about a sentence more and the WHOLE group was just up in laughter. I just stopped talking, and the member started explaining that I was from the states, and didn't speak Spanish. And asked them how they would feel if they had to go and speak English to a group of people.. And i was just standing there like an idiot hahaha. BUT I'm glad it happened, I'm learning how to laugh with the people when I speak, because that's just how it is going to be. Awkward experience, but learned from it.

I loved in Women's Conf., in Elder Uchdorf's talk that we need to be enjoying the moment at all times. And how do we find happiness in everything -- with faith. So this week I am trying to work on having more faith and enjoying every opportunity that comes!

Sounds like it was a cool week for the fam, love you guys! Tengan un buena semana, les amo mucho.

Hermana Richan

Monday, September 21, 2015

Sept 21

Last week of my first transfer, check! Today is the first day of transfer numbaa 2, and Im so excited to get going. Its been the best week so far!

So last week I talked about Viviana and Jaime. And yesterday they came to CHURCH! Our first investigators to come to church all transfer, so it was amazing. They loved it, and all the members were so welcoming. They told us that they are coming to our ward activity this week, and to church next week. And they are super sick, so it is cool to see their willingness to come. Im super excited about them. 

I had an intercambio with Hermana Alvarado this week. I love it when i have intercambios because Im forced to speak Spanish all day, and i end up learning a lot. But their area was SUPER humble, and i LOVED it. Seriously it was so quiet, and the people were all just working around their houses. It is easier to teach with the spirit in these areas. My area constantly has fiestas goin on, so its hard to try and teach a spiritual lesson a lot of the time. Music blasting. But I went to her ward counsel, and all the members there were complimenting my Spanish.. So that was a confidence booster, ha but no my Spanish is no bueno todavia. :) Trying to be patient.

This week a man came up to me, and started talking in English. Hahaha every question he asked, I started to respond in Spanish. I gave him the pamphlet and was trying to talk about the church but MAN im so used to doing it in Spanish, it was really interesting. But yeah I dont think i could be an English missionary at this point. 

The new group of missionaries come this week, so YAY no longer the newbie! We get to go out with the new hermanas tomorrow, so Im excited about that. A lot to look forward to! I finally feel like I know all the members, and I am getting more excited about the work. I love it! I feel like I have so much to look forward to every week. My area is especially amazing.

Love you guys, tengan un buena semana!

Hermana Richan

PS there are rumors that El Nino is coming soon, and basically im gonna drown here

Monday, September 14, 2015

14 Sept

Helloooo FAM!

First off, FELIZ CUMPLEANOS MAMA! Hope you have a good day on Sunday, you deserve the best. Love you and miss you mucho.

This week we had Cinco Semanas. Basically we got together with our MTC group and talk about how the first five weeks went. It was fun to see everyone, and hear about everyone's experiences. 

I had another intercambio this week with an hermana from Bolivia, named Hermana Orellana. She's the sweetest, and it was helpful to have a full day with someone who only speaks Spanish. I learn so much more when I am constantly speaking it, and focusing in on what people are saying. And i FINALLY feel like I am understanding a lot! Everyone says understanding comes first, and the speaking. So I'm getting there.

We had stake conference this week, and Pres. and Hermana Rasmussen spoke. It was AMAZING, and I understood most of what they said. Gringo Spanish is so much easier to understand lol. I love seeing them and hearing from them. I can tell they are so inspired and called of God, and i love THEM!

Still no investigators coming to church, but we have some awesome newbies! Viviana and Jaime. They are both having health issues, so they are basically home all the time. They are always home so we can teach them and they are SO receptive. They asked US about church, and what time and details. Which never happens, so we know they want to come. And this week they went to the hospital, and called us later telling us they wanted us to come teach them there but they didn't have the money to get us to the hospital. It is cool to see their desires to learn more, so Im super excited about them.

My Spanish is coming along and I finally know the area, the members, the investigators, etc. So i feel like I am able to contribute a lot more now and it feels so good. I love this place and I'm convinced I have the best area in the mission. I even live close to the mission home, so perks, got to make cookies today with hermana Rasmussen.

Lovin life, hope things are good in Utah! AH i miss the cold! Haha didn't think i would say that, it is so hot here. Anyways life is so good, but miss and love you guys so much!

Hermana Richan

PS i sent a package home hehe YAY
Tamble Grande

 My Bedroom
 Outside the Balcony
 Cinco Semanas
 Stake Conference
 Member that comes with us to everything. Ana Paola. She is moving to Lima this week and I'm so sad
Happy Birthday Mom!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Sept 7

Hola familia!
Hope all is well at home! Im loving it here and learning everyday. Its hard but soo so amazing! The weeks keep getting faster, and i can already tell its gonna be over before I know it. 
So last week I talked about Junior... And yeah he seemed awesome until we saw him getting chased by the cops and we have no idea why. We saw him later, and set an appointment but he wasnt home. Just when we think we have someone good, something happens :) But we do have an investigator, named Linda, with a baptismal date on October 2nd. She´'s awesome and has a great testimony, but does not go to church. So we are gonna work on that. This week we had three more people commit to baptism, and they are awesome and are so excited about attending church. Which is a FIsRST because no one likes to go to church here. So that should be good. 

Honestly not much more happend this week because my life is crazyyyy. Hermana Bazan is the only sister leader in our zone, and she is training me.. So I am constantly having exchanges and going other areas while she is in meetings. It's fun, but sometimes hard to make good progress in our area. I am loving getting to know all of the hermanas in our zone though.  This week I had an exchange with Hermana Parks, and she's awesome! Seriously she only has one transfer more in the mission than me, and she was amazing. I learned a lot from the way she taught and cared for the people. I ended up getting sick that night too and she was like a mom taking care of me hahaha. Im good though i think it was food poisoning or something. Anyways, this week is going to be crazier because tomrrow I get to go to the mission home and see my CCM group again and im super excited, and 2 more exchanges. So i will only have 3 full days in my area this week. I like being busy though, time feels like it is flying! Every P day comes so fast. I bore my testimony in sacrament yesterday, and i got a lot of compliments on my spanish hahaha. The problem is, thats really all i can  do in spanish. But idk what it is, I wasnt nervous to bare my testimony in spanish but i always get so nervous in English. And i would rather be teaching lessons in spanish. Kinda interesting, but im loving it! 

Every night from 6 to 8 we knock doors. It is really interesting.. Most people are willing to listen, but arent actually interested. And every so often there are those men that start letting us in before we say who we are hahaha, that's when we know NOT to go in. But we have been finding some awesome investigators this way. 

Not much time, but love you guys so much! Love being a missionary, and love these people. Im honestly so happy that i was called to Peru! Piura es la mejor mision en todo el mundo! xoxo Tengan una buena semana! 

Hermana Richan