Monday, September 28, 2015

28 Sept

3 MONTHS! Crazy how time flies. This week was crazy, a lot happened. This week I have learned a lot about how God works. Before we are able to strengthen our weaknesses, he points them out very clearly. I have been finding weaknesses that I never knew I had, but I know that only through seeing them I will be able to strengthen them, and realize that it is through CHRIST that they can be strengthened. :) Definitely learning a lot here.

This week with Viviana and Jaime... They asked US when they can get baptized! WHAT, that doesnt happen ever. We can see how much they need the gospel in their lives, and they have the greatest desires to change their lives around. We set a baptismal date for mid October, but it will probably not work out that soon. They are not married, and he still needs to finalize a divorce from 10 years ago. But they are willing to do it. And we need to teach them the Word of Widsom. They both smoke, and Jaime is an alcoholic. But it is at the point where he knows that it has kind of destroyed his life, and he wants to change. We briefly talked about it with them, and they agreed. We have a strong feeling that they will agree to live the Word of Wisdom, we are just waiting for the timing to be right. They are basically at rock bottom. He just got fired from his job, and they have no money. We took Viviana to Women's Conference on Saturday, and she loved it! The messages were perfect for her, and she (and Jaime) already have strong testimonies. So we know that they will get baptized at some point, just a lot of things to work through first.

Speaking of Women's Conf., I loved it. I watched it in Spanish, but still was able to learn from it and have a few prayers answered. I'm really excited for conference this weekend!

On Saturday, we were passing by the chapel and saw about 15-20 teenage boys. None of them members. A member was there, and told them that he would let them in to play soccer on the chapel grounds if they would listen to us speak first. So they all piled into the chapel, and Hna. Bazan started teaching about Jesus Christ. She looks at me to start talking, so I did.. And I got about half a sentence out and a few boys started laughing. Then I said about a sentence more and the WHOLE group was just up in laughter. I just stopped talking, and the member started explaining that I was from the states, and didn't speak Spanish. And asked them how they would feel if they had to go and speak English to a group of people.. And i was just standing there like an idiot hahaha. BUT I'm glad it happened, I'm learning how to laugh with the people when I speak, because that's just how it is going to be. Awkward experience, but learned from it.

I loved in Women's Conf., in Elder Uchdorf's talk that we need to be enjoying the moment at all times. And how do we find happiness in everything -- with faith. So this week I am trying to work on having more faith and enjoying every opportunity that comes!

Sounds like it was a cool week for the fam, love you guys! Tengan un buena semana, les amo mucho.

Hermana Richan

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