Monday, July 25, 2016

25 Julio

Something short and sweet...

On Saturday Diana and Robert got married. It was a matrimonio masivo "massive marriage" so like 20 couples got married at the same time. But it was so cool, I loved seeing the look on Roberts face, he was sooo happy. It turns out that Robert always talked about how he wanted to go to the temple, so that is why Diana started listening to the missionaries. When we were heading out to the wedding, we said a prayer beforehand. And Robert thanked God for helping him to keep this commandment, so that they can prepare to go to the temple. Loved it. He has changed SO much it amazed me, I'm SO happy for them! 

And Diana got baptized yesterday! She is incredible. I love seeing the influence of one baptism. For her desire to learn about the gospel, her husband was able to come back to the church with a stronger testimony than ever. Her dad is now interested in the church, and in December she wants to go to the temple to be baptized for her mom, and in a year go to the temple. It is a huge testimony to me of how much the gospel blesses families, Diana and Robert have overcome so many things in these past few months, and now they are better than ever and blessing their families too. Love seeing how happy they are. :)

Everyday I realize more and more how incredible the gospel is. I know that we are part of God's kingdom here on earth, and we are so blessed! But everyone has the same potential to receive the gospel blessings. That is something that helps me, thinking that God knows the potential of each one of us, the potential to become like Him. I know that the Atonement is so personal for each of us, and we can each reach that potential.

La Piura Vida es La Mejor Vida

Hna Richan

Robert and Diana Wedding Day -July 23, 2016
Diana's Baptism Day - July 24, 2016
Son of happy couple- Caleb
The district

Monday, July 18, 2016

18 Julio

CRAZY WEEK here it goes.....

Hna Sandison was with Hna Salazar and I waiting to train a new sister, and we found a lizard in our room, and she KILLED IT so that was fun and sad.. 

We went to visit Diana and she broke the news that it was the last day to turn in all of their paperwork to get married, and they didnt do it on time. So she told us they were gonna wait til october to get married.. and get baptized.. Broke our hearts.

We went to the airport to send off two of my comps (Hna Bazan and Hna Orellana) super sad. So grateful to have learned from them! I also saw Hna Aida from Miguel Grau after SO LONG and it was so fun talking to her because the last time i saw her my Spanish was a little rough. :) 

An old investigator from the area called US to come visit him. Harold. I had never met him, but had heard of him. Its always good news when people call us to visit them. His girlfriend is a member of the church.

We were walking in the street and this lady came up to us "HERMANAS" and turns out she was a less active woman named Laura and hadnt been to church in 7 years. She said so many people judged her and told her that it is not possible to baptize for the dead, and right there we pulled out 1 Corithians, and she let us in her house and told us that was the reason she left the church, because the Bible didnt talk about baptisms for the dead. But there was her answer.

We visited Diana and Robert again, and they told us that they got another chance! That they were going to have to send in all their papers before 1 o´clock Thursday, and it was going to be hard to get everything in. Lots of prayers and faith!

We had a leadership counsel, I got to speak a little bit about working with referrals, that was fun. All day we were thinking about Diana and Robert and if they were going to be able to get everything in on time. So right after the leadership counsel we called them and YES THEY DID IT! Wedding back on.

We had a zone meeting, Hna Salazar and I had a little presentation. Todo saliĆ³ bien. 

We visited the less active, Laura, and she told us she changed her mind. She didnt want to go to church, and she was already used to her new church. After a good convincing, she told us she would come to church with us on Sunday.

We did divisions to pick people up to go to church, I picked up Elizabeth. A cute little single mom. To our surprise, another single mom investigator, Rosa, came to church too! They both LOVED it, and made friends, signed up for the ward activity, etc. It was cool. Hna Salazar went to pick up Laura, and she came! And they talked all about baptisms for the dead in relief society. She had a really good experience after 7 years. In sacrament meeting i was PRAYING so hard because Diana and Robert still werent there, and she wasnt going to be able to get baptized if she didnt come. And RIGHT before the sacrament started, they walked in. YAY! Also Harold came the full 3 hours too. A really good Sunday.

SOOO now this week we will be crazy busy. On Thursday we are doing a "Pollada," a chicken fundraiser with Diana for her wedding. Saturday they get married, and Sunday she gets baptized. :) LOVE THEM SO MUCH, the funniest little couple. Im so happy for them. And they haved changed so much, its awesome.

LOOVE the work, love the mission! Good things to come.
Livin the Piura Vidaaa

Hna Richan

Hermana Parks
Hermana Rasmussen
Saying goodbye to Hermana Orellana
Reunited with Hermana Aida
Super excited for the fam (Robert y Diana)

Fam CastaƱeda

Monday, July 11, 2016

11 Julio

Hna Orellana is OFF to BOLIVIA, and I´m now witah Hna Salazar from Lima. Excited to work with her!

We taught Hno Daniel this week, the cutest old man. Super prepared, it is just sad that his kids are super mean to him and dont want him to go to church. He comes to church every once and awhile, but he gets there right after the sacrament every time. He wants to get baptized more than anything though. This week we taught him the word of wisdom, and he was so concerned. He looked at us and said, "Hermanas i had nooo idea. I drink coffee everyday. But from here on out I guess Ill just eat my oatmeal." It was the best. Super receptive, and super sincere. 

Theres this cute little member that always goes out with us, Casimira. And we passed by her house on my birthday. And she pulled out these stuffed animal cats to give us, and hna orellana told her it was perfect for my birthday. She has no idea that it was my birthday, and told us, "I had a prompting that i should do something for you guys, it was the spirit!" And now every time we have a lesson with her, she testifies to the investigators that athe spirit led her to give me this stuffed animal cat... We are gonna have to invite her to testify on a different topic next time. :)

Diana and Robert have been struggling this past week. Just relationship problems that they were having before they started reading the book of mormon and going to church. And this past week they didnt come to church, and they stopped reading the BOM. But they recongize that that is their problem, and realize that it is normal to have problems right before baptism. Still aiming for the 24th!

Lovin the work, good things to come. I would write more but im strugglin with this keyboard! Love you allll xoxo

hna richan