Monday, March 28, 2016

27 Marzo

Ayy familia, esta semana estuvo bonita. 

The Familia Bruno is AMAZING! Hno Victor owns a restaurant, and they always seem to be super busy. But everytime we go to their house, and everyone is running all over the place, the whole family seems to come together so we can teach them. They went to church for the full 3 hours again, and they already fit in with all the members. It amazes me. One of their sons, Victor Joel, is 14 years old and doesnt have the best friends. His parents have been worried about him. The first time we asked him to pray, he refused and told us he didnt know how. But the next lesson he did it so willingly. And when he went to church and met all the missionaries, he asked his dad, "Can i be a missionary like them?" It is awesome to see how the gospel helps families and changes people. Also, mom, you sent me that little quote about when Jesus was able to feed 5000 people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. And how when we put our lives in the hands of God, he can work miracles with our lives. And the next day, we had interviews with Pres. Rasmussen. And he shared with me the story of Peter walking on water. And how when we take a step of faith, it is normal to pass through a storm, and to have trials, but if we dont doubt and keep going with faith, Jesus has His hand extended towards us. And it turns out that both of those stories are in Matthew 14. So we were able to share this chapter with the Fam. Bruno. And we invited them to be baptized April 30th, and they understood perfectly. They are going to pass through winds and trials, but this is what they need to do. Take the step of faith and be baptized. Hno Victor told us, "That makes perfect sense. Because i was having a bad day, and so many things were coming at me that I wasnt going to go to church. But i decided to go anyway, and I felt so much peace." Love working with this family. April 30th will be an awesome day.

Hna Tanya was a little bit discouraged for awhile, was losing interest, but she came to the womens conference with us, and then church with us the next day, and loved it! She keeps saying she doesnt know if she wants to get baptized, but im confident that if she keeps keeping the commitments, she will have a testimony and will want to get baptized. 

I loved being here in Peru for Easter. Like Elder Eyring said in the Womens Conference, we can remember our Savior by serving Him. And i know that is true, so grateful to have been serving Him this Easter! He lives!

Love you all, have the best week! Xoxo

Hna Richan

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Monday, March 21, 2016

21 Marzo

Lots of miracles this week, like every week! About a month ago we got a member referral, we went and never found the family. But this week we happened to be knocking doors where the referral lived, and the man instantly let us in, and called all of his family to listen. Him, his wife, and his 3 sons were all SUPER receptive to the Restoration, and accepted to be baptized in the first lesson. The dad, Victor, said the closing prayer. One of the most sincere prayers Ive ever heard, and he asked to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet. After the prayer, he sat there for a second with his eyes closed and started to cry. We know he felt the Spirit, and his family too. On Sunday, only after one lesson, they all came to church for the full 3 hours. And all of the members were super friendly and welcoming, something ive never seen before. La Familia Bruno ha sido preparada por el Señor. Finding people that the Lord has prepared is the coolest thing. 

The Fam Barrientos has been struggling with some things this week, they still know they are going to get baptized, and are excited about it, but it is gonna take a little bit of time. Another one of those prepared families, but conversion is not an easy task.

 This week I have been learning a lot about patience. I know that God does His work in His own time. We are just the instruments in His hands, working at His pace.

Update from Miguel Grau: Manuel Chunga, investigator that Hna. Arce and I found, got baptized! I know that planting seeds is a huge part of missionary work, and something that we can all do on the daily. Love seeing the work progress!

Hna Richan
My favorite kids in the world

My favorite person in the world- Hna Zahina. Makes my food and washes my clothes, but that's not the reason i love her

Meeting Hermana Valdez
 Excited because cachitos de mantequilla (the reason ive gained weight)

Monday, March 14, 2016

14 Marzo

MI HIJA nació, she is from Puno, just like Hna Dorado. They actually knew each other before, so it's kinda funny. She is 23 years old, and since day one has been a trabajadora. She loves to work and help everyone we see, it's awesome. She's super sweet, humble, and tranquila. I think the biggest problem is that she is more scared of cockroaches than i am, so im the one that has to do the killing now..😖 

Awesome week with the Fam. Barrientos. We have been PRAYING and PRAYING for them because they are SO ready to be baptized, have a testimony, go to church every Sunday, the only thing wrong has been that they have wanted to wait til May to get baptized. But FINALLY we invited them to be baptized March 26th, and they FINALLY accepted! Seriously a miracle, we are just working on teaching their daughter all the lessons before that day. 

We found a new hermanita, Merecedes, who is a single mom with 4 little kids. We taught her the Restoration, and she told us that she felt like she was doing a lot of things wrong in her life. She wants her kids to be a part of a church, and she realizes that she needs to repent. She asked us, where the church was at and at what time. Accepted to be baptized in the first lesson. People like her are the people who progress. The people that are humble, and willing to admit that they need Jesus Christ in their life. Im reminded more and more every day of how necessary it is to repent and use the Atonement in our lives every single day

Im so grateful to be sharing the gospel during this Easter season, and for the hope and knowledge that we have that soon enough we will all be freed from our pains, and troubles of this life, and be resurrected even as Christ was. 

<3 Les amo

Hna Richan

Monday, March 7, 2016

7 Marzo

Ojala que tuvieran una buena semana, I sure did! 

This week was like the rest, little miracles every day. I have been sooo blessed to be with Hna. Dorado and see that exact obedience brings blessings, I know that is true! We both thought that we would be staying in Talara for another transfer , but turns out that Hna Dorado is off to my first area and i'll be staying in Talara for 2 more transfers training! Came out of nowhere, excited and nervous, but know that I am gonna learn a lot in these next couple transfers. I will find out who mi hijita is on wednesday!

La Familia Barrientos is beyond prepared. They know the church is true, they are doing everything they need to be doing to get closer to Christ, every lesson is a testimony to be that this is the work of the Lord! They keep telling us they want to get baptized in May, but we know they are ready. We keep praying that they will lose the fear or whatever it is so that they can take this step of faith. 

Tanya came to church with us again, and is reading every day. Its awesome, every time we ask about what she learned in the BOM, she gives us full on details. She understands the stories, and applies them in her life. I love that I am able to learn from the investigators too. She is still planning on being baptized March 26. 

This week has been a little bit crazy, LOTS OF RAIN, which is a change for sure. So we found ourselves doing service helping with the damage here, and we worked on finding new people this week. So it's been good, every day brings something new!

Something that Hna Dorado and I noticed is that just about EVERYONE in our area has heard of the church, and the majority have a Book of Mormon. It is crazy how known the church is, but it is just another testimony that the Second Coming is SO close, and we cant procrastinate the day of our repentance. Im so grateful for a Savior that made it possible! We can repent, and we can be prepared for that great day. 

Love you allllll

Hna Richan

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