Monday, March 28, 2016

27 Marzo

Ayy familia, esta semana estuvo bonita. 

The Familia Bruno is AMAZING! Hno Victor owns a restaurant, and they always seem to be super busy. But everytime we go to their house, and everyone is running all over the place, the whole family seems to come together so we can teach them. They went to church for the full 3 hours again, and they already fit in with all the members. It amazes me. One of their sons, Victor Joel, is 14 years old and doesnt have the best friends. His parents have been worried about him. The first time we asked him to pray, he refused and told us he didnt know how. But the next lesson he did it so willingly. And when he went to church and met all the missionaries, he asked his dad, "Can i be a missionary like them?" It is awesome to see how the gospel helps families and changes people. Also, mom, you sent me that little quote about when Jesus was able to feed 5000 people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. And how when we put our lives in the hands of God, he can work miracles with our lives. And the next day, we had interviews with Pres. Rasmussen. And he shared with me the story of Peter walking on water. And how when we take a step of faith, it is normal to pass through a storm, and to have trials, but if we dont doubt and keep going with faith, Jesus has His hand extended towards us. And it turns out that both of those stories are in Matthew 14. So we were able to share this chapter with the Fam. Bruno. And we invited them to be baptized April 30th, and they understood perfectly. They are going to pass through winds and trials, but this is what they need to do. Take the step of faith and be baptized. Hno Victor told us, "That makes perfect sense. Because i was having a bad day, and so many things were coming at me that I wasnt going to go to church. But i decided to go anyway, and I felt so much peace." Love working with this family. April 30th will be an awesome day.

Hna Tanya was a little bit discouraged for awhile, was losing interest, but she came to the womens conference with us, and then church with us the next day, and loved it! She keeps saying she doesnt know if she wants to get baptized, but im confident that if she keeps keeping the commitments, she will have a testimony and will want to get baptized. 

I loved being here in Peru for Easter. Like Elder Eyring said in the Womens Conference, we can remember our Savior by serving Him. And i know that is true, so grateful to have been serving Him this Easter! He lives!

Love you all, have the best week! Xoxo

Hna Richan

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