Monday, December 21, 2015

Feliz Navidad

AH Merry Christmas from Peru! Hope you are all enjoying the snow this holiday season. Today I chilled on the beach with flamingos and seals while jamming to Christmas music. But im sure you guys would rather have a white Christmas. :)

Was an awesome week! I LOVE Talara, my area is Talara Alta and Bello Horizonte. It is definitely a change. Going from one really strong ward, to two really weak branches. For example, I had to speak in both branches yesterday haha. I love it though. I am learning a lot, and as the mission goes on I am learning more and more to rely on the Spirit. 

The people here are different. Super humble, loving, and servicial. The people in Miguel Grau too, but even more so here. It is the cutest little town with colorful houses, markets, and donkeys hahaha. Love love love it.

So a couple weeks ago a lady was baptized here, and Saturday we had a baptism for her son. I already love this family, the cutest kids EVER. And always love seeing baptisms. One thing i love the most is that the church is the same everywhere you go. I had to come here to realize it, but it is a testimony to me that this really is the church of Jesus Christ. Im SO grateful to be here during Christmas and to really think about His life and how amazing it is that we have a Savior who lives and died for us. 

We have a lot of awesome things planned for this week, and im SO excited. Feelin the Christmas spirit here in Talara. And im SO excited to see the fam on FRIDAY! Love you all and SEE YOU SOON! :)

Monday, December 14, 2015

La Navidad Blanca

Familiaaaa! What a weeeeeek. 

Tuesday we had the Fiesta de Navidad in the mission home. It was so awesome, I feel way blessed to be in this mission with Pres y Hna Rasmussen. They definitely take care of us. We played games, had an awesome devotional, and watched Its a Wonderful Life. I had never seen it, and dad I know it's your favorite movie, so it was cool to finally watch it. It is always fun to be with a bunch of missionaries. 

And Saturdayyy.. LA NAVIDAD BLANCA. I cant begin to say how cool it is to see so many people at once be baptized. It was awesome to see the work of the missionaries in our stake, and feel the testimonies of these new members. Something I will never forget. Especially because Viviana was baptized. :) It amazes me to look back at where she was when we found her, and see how strong and happy she is now. It is amazing the love that I feel for these people. Awesome day, and awesome way to spend the Christmas season. 

That night, we received transfers. And now im here in TALARA! I was so sad to leave the people in Miguel Grau. I feel like that ward is my family and I LOVE THEM soo much. I feel way blessed to have started in that area, and for being able to meet these people. A member had a little farewell for me last night, and WOW it is hard saying bye to people knowing that it is possible you wont see them again. I think saying bye to Viviana was the hardest, but I know she is going to be an amazing member of the church. And Im so glad to have made a friend like Hna Arce, she is the best! Crazy to think that one of my best friends is from Paraguay. :)

 But i am SO excited to start here in Talara! It is about 2 hours from Piura and from the mission home. We are close to the beach, and the town is so cute. I know I am going to love it here. My new comp is Hermana Alvarado. She is from Ecuador, and I love her! She was in my zone my first 2 transfers, and i had an intercambio with her. It was my favorite intercambio. :) In this area we have 2 branches that we are in. Double the church wooo. :) It is going to be a big change. Im going from one of the strongest wards in Piura to having 2 pretty weak branches. It will be cool to help out in the ward. I know i am going to be learning a lot in this area! I came to this area last Monday because it is Hna Arce's old area, and already met a bunch of the members and the pensionista. Everyone is awesome, Im excited to be here. 

I love my fam! I find more reasons to be grateful for you all everyday and I am so excited to see you CHRISTMAS! Have the best week, and see you all soon. :))))

Hermana Richan

PS im going to start putting crazy Peru experiences of the week. So this week is that I let a member dye my hair orange....Or "Peruvian blonde" Jajaja just so you are prepped when you see me at Christmas mama. Love you 
 Turning Hair Peruvian "Blonde"
 Christmas Party
 Hermana Arce
 President Rasmussen - Christmas Party
 Hermana Aida
 Viviana's Baptism
 La Navidad Blanca
 Viviana's Baptism
My favorite family and neighbors in Miguel Grau

Monday, December 7, 2015

7 Diciembre

Hope all is well over in Utaaaah, things in Peru couldn´t be better!

This week Elder Godoy of the seventy came to speak to us. It was the COOLEST meeting, something I wont forget. He told us that of our mission area with 32 missions (i think), we are the lowest baptizing mission. But the interesting part was that he found that we are actually an obedient mission, but the problem is we are focusing on saving ourselves rather than the people here. So he told us we need to focus on saving the people. He gave us a lot of tips on how we can be better with this. I´m excited to apply what I learned from him and hope to see new changes aqui en PIURAA.

On Sunday, Manuel didnt come to church. We had been fasting for him and Viviana that all would work out for their baptisms, but Manual needed to attend in order to be baptized. But we are happy for how it worked out because we were feeling like he might need more time to gain  a testimony, and this was God's way of letting us know that yes he needs more time. He has a lot of faith, and is reading and praying.  I know he will be baptized down the road, but for now he is progressing and i know he is one of those people that God has prepared!

Viviana is better than ever! I couldn´t love her more and im SO excited for her baptism this Saturday. It is so cool to see the difference in her from when we first met, to now. She is glowing and SO happy! I feel like its been a long crazy journey with her, and FINALLY she can be baptized. I know it is going to be an awesome day.

Meanwhile, Piura has been Christmas preppin! Our street is full of Christmas lights and it makes me SO happy hahaha. I wasn't sure if people would do that here, but they do. Fun Christmas facts for the week: Here in Piura, EVERYONE eats TONS of panetón. Fruit cake. I love the food here, so im expecting to like it hahaha. And for new years, a tradition here is that you make a life sized Muñeco (doll), and you burn it. Usually of someone that hurt you this year, or to represent something bad from the year. My neighbor said she is going to make one of me. ;) hope she's kidding.

Love you all, hope youre enjoying the holidays! EXCITED TO TALK TO YOU ALL in a few weeks :))) xoxox

Hermana Richan