Monday, December 21, 2015

Feliz Navidad

AH Merry Christmas from Peru! Hope you are all enjoying the snow this holiday season. Today I chilled on the beach with flamingos and seals while jamming to Christmas music. But im sure you guys would rather have a white Christmas. :)

Was an awesome week! I LOVE Talara, my area is Talara Alta and Bello Horizonte. It is definitely a change. Going from one really strong ward, to two really weak branches. For example, I had to speak in both branches yesterday haha. I love it though. I am learning a lot, and as the mission goes on I am learning more and more to rely on the Spirit. 

The people here are different. Super humble, loving, and servicial. The people in Miguel Grau too, but even more so here. It is the cutest little town with colorful houses, markets, and donkeys hahaha. Love love love it.

So a couple weeks ago a lady was baptized here, and Saturday we had a baptism for her son. I already love this family, the cutest kids EVER. And always love seeing baptisms. One thing i love the most is that the church is the same everywhere you go. I had to come here to realize it, but it is a testimony to me that this really is the church of Jesus Christ. Im SO grateful to be here during Christmas and to really think about His life and how amazing it is that we have a Savior who lives and died for us. 

We have a lot of awesome things planned for this week, and im SO excited. Feelin the Christmas spirit here in Talara. And im SO excited to see the fam on FRIDAY! Love you all and SEE YOU SOON! :)

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