Monday, January 4, 2016

Neuvo Ano

QUE TAL MI FAM. Hope you had the Merriest Christmas (I did), and wishin you all a happy new year. I know that 2016 will be a year that I will never forget!

Honestly the week of Christmas I felt the love of Christ more than I ever have in my life. One of the best Christmas´s, thinking of the Savior and the reason for the season. Tuesday before Christmas we went to Miramar (a super poor area that is in my zone). We brought a bunch of toys and clothes, and it was cool to see how happy they were for these old clothes with holes and stains. Cant help but think how blessed we are, and how blessed i am to be able to be here with these people! I love every second of it.

We spent Christmas Eve singing Christmas carols in the center of Talara, and contacting people. It was cool to have a Christmas for once where we could be outside! Afterwards we went to our branch president´s house to eat a ton of food and PANETON. It was definitely something I will never forget, I loved it. My compi and I topped off the night by sleeping on the roof. I told her all about our Christmas traditions and how my mom always rings a bell to wake us up Christmas morning. So to my surprise, she had a little bell and she woke me up with it. :) Love my comp.

We spent New Year´s in Piura, and got to see a bunch of missionaries and President. Pres talked to us about the importance of exact obedience. I liked that he said that when we choose not to be obedient, we are choosing that we love something else more than God. When we sleep in a little bit, it is because we love our sleep more than God, etc. It was an awesome reminder of our purpose as missionaries. We are here because we love Him and want to serve Him. Me voy a esforzar a ser mas obediente en todo!

This week four people accepted baptismal dates for January 30th! When we thought no one in Talara would ever progress, this happened. Now we just need to get them to come to church jaja. Im excited to hopefully make some progress in this little place, and help strengthen the branches. We are in the weakest part of the mission.

We found the coolest family this week, Donald and Marita. They have one kid and anothero on the way. Super receptive and so nice. And they are MARRIED! Which is super rare so we are excited. 

Overall, a good week and good things are happening. I love this work and im so excited to spend this WHOLE year 2016 in PERU! Nothing better. I learn more everyday and I gain more love for these people everyday. Im grateful to know we have a Savior who is aware of each of us. Im grateful for a new year and a new opportunity to make goals and strengthen my relationship with my Savior.

Love you all, feliz aƱo xoxo

Hermana Richan

The Beach at Talara

Christmas Pictures

our hideous christmas skirts

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