Monday, January 18, 2016

18 Enero

Alooo familia, another awesome week! One of my favorite weeks of the mission, but i could probably say that every week haha. I think im gonna live in Peru forevaaa.

For one thing, we found SOO many new people this week! This whole transfer has been full of new people, people that are prepared to receive the gospel. It is a good time to be here in Talara!

Update on Marita and Donald! This week we were teaching them, and they told us that a couple members of the church showed up at their house to teach them. We talked about the family in ward counsel, but didnt tell anyone to visit them or anything. So anyways a couple women showed up to teach them that they had never met, and it kind of freaked them out. We lost a little bit of trust with the family, but we invited them to baptism, and they are open to it if they know it is right. They are reading the book of mormon and praying, we just need to get them to church!

We found another awesome family this week, Maritza and Tomas. Super receptive family, they understand the things we are teaching, and they are super interested. When Tomas prayed, he was praying that he would figure out a way to be able to attend church, because he works. It was cool to hear his prayer and his desire to go to church and know more. He wasnt able to, and Maritza told us she didnt want to go unless it was a a family with her husband. So this week we are gonna work with them and hope that they can make it next sunday!

This week, I made the goal that I would try and focus really hard on the people during the lessons to be able to help them. I have really tried to focus on their needs, and praying to have charity. I can honestly say I had some of the coolest lessons  this week, and i have felt more love for the people than ever. I love love love them. And i have found that when I listen to the people, I am led by the Spirit with what to say. It has been cool to see that as i speak by the Spirit, I am learning too. The coolest week, and ive never been happier!

We had interviews this week with the president, and he talked about how we can be truly converted. It was something I was actually thinking about this week, so I was glad that he was inspired to share that. We need to burry our weapons, or anthing that is holding us back from doing Gods work, and leave these things in the mission. So that is the goal, figure out my weaknesses, fears, temptations, and leave them behind. I love mission life, everyday is another adventure!

Love you all and miss you! Have a great weeeeeek 

Hermana Richan

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