Monday, April 4, 2016

4 Abril

The week of general conference is always a good week! Such an awesome experience to hear the words of the prophet out here in Peru, in Spanish, and it is all the same. I was able to watch the Sunday morning session in the stake center of Talara with all the members, and I can't even explain how cool the reaction was to the new temple in Lima. Everyone gasped, and afterwards everyone was so excited. It made me realized how BLESSED we are to have so many temples in Utah. And i dont think we realize how important it is that we go as often as possible, and take advantage of that blessing we have. There are so many people here that want to go to the temple and cant afford it, or people that go one time in their life and do all they can to get there. Like Kent F. Richards said, we need the temple more than anything else. We are so blessed to have the knowledge of these priesthood ordinances that will allow us to return to our Heavenly Father. I cant wait til i can go to the temple again, but its an awesome experience teaching and helping these people find their way to the temple too.

One of my favorite talks was by Robert D. Hales. I loved how he talked about the Holy Ghost, and how He respects our agency. I had been thinking about that before the conference, if we have the Holy Ghost with us always, why do we still make so many mistakes, and why is it still hard to resist temptation sometimes? But it is true, the Holy Ghost ALWAYS warns us. We know beforehand if he are able to do something wrong because we have this warning from the Holy Ghost. The difference is we need to recognize that it is the Spirit warning us, and then use our agency wisely by following the impressions of the Holy Ghost. Reminds me of Mosiah 16:12. God is not going to let us make a mistake without warning us first.

The Family Bruno still amazes me. We went to teach them with our branch president this week, and they have such a good understanding of everything. 

The Family Barrientos has been having health issues lately, but still have desires to get baptized. Hna maritza went to live with her sister for a little bit so she could live close to the doctor, we are praying that she will be okay. But it was a miracle that Hno Thomas and their daughter Maria were able to go to conference. After not going to church for a couple weeks. 

This week we have been working with members and helping them set goals to go to the temple! We have been seeing changes in the lives of some of these people, it really is amazing the miracle and blessing that the temple is, and these people are realizing that and are willing to change. 

Hope you have the best spring break! St george will be cool and all, but today i went to a famous beach with a million sea turtles. But enjoy the red rocks. ;)) Love you all!

Hna Richan

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