Monday, April 18, 2016

18 Abril

Transfers TODAY! But no, I stayed with Hermana Valdez, I'll have 6 months here in Talara. :) Which I'm super happy about, I love it here! 

We found out that Ana and Victor Bruno are not married, so now we are working on that. We were lead to believe that they were married, so it was kind of a shock when she told us they weren´t. But im seeing it as a blessing because if we would have known in the first lesson, we might not have seen them as a golden family. But they ARE a golden family, that wants to get baptized, and Hna Ana has told us that it is important to her to get married, so she can go to the temple as a family. They have been in Lima this past week, but now that they are back we are gonna do all we can to help them.

A few weeks ago, we started teaching an investigator that the elders were teaching, Keisa. She is 20 years old, and her brother and sister are members. And on Saturday she got baptized! So that was an awesome experience. She had a history beforehand with not wanting anything to do with the church, and seeing the changes that her brother made in his life made her want to investigate. She is awesome, always bringing friends to church, and sharing the gospel with others. 

The Fam. Barrientos is still living in Sullana until they find out what is wrong with Hna Maritza. She has been sick lately, but we call her often, and visit her daughter. Praying that she can recover quickly! Her testimony is so strong, and I know with time she will be able to be baptized with her family.

Things are good here in Talara! We are now working with members a lot more the strengthen the branches here. I love hearing the testimonies of all the members, and how they were introduced to the church. The church is the same everywhere in the world, and I am so grateful to have met many people with the same beliefs, and knowing that the gospel is being preached everywhere. I love this work ! I hope you are taking the time to remember the Savior daily, soon he will come.  Les amo <3

Hna Richan

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