Monday, March 21, 2016

21 Marzo

Lots of miracles this week, like every week! About a month ago we got a member referral, we went and never found the family. But this week we happened to be knocking doors where the referral lived, and the man instantly let us in, and called all of his family to listen. Him, his wife, and his 3 sons were all SUPER receptive to the Restoration, and accepted to be baptized in the first lesson. The dad, Victor, said the closing prayer. One of the most sincere prayers Ive ever heard, and he asked to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet. After the prayer, he sat there for a second with his eyes closed and started to cry. We know he felt the Spirit, and his family too. On Sunday, only after one lesson, they all came to church for the full 3 hours. And all of the members were super friendly and welcoming, something ive never seen before. La Familia Bruno ha sido preparada por el SeƱor. Finding people that the Lord has prepared is the coolest thing. 

The Fam Barrientos has been struggling with some things this week, they still know they are going to get baptized, and are excited about it, but it is gonna take a little bit of time. Another one of those prepared families, but conversion is not an easy task.

 This week I have been learning a lot about patience. I know that God does His work in His own time. We are just the instruments in His hands, working at His pace.

Update from Miguel Grau: Manuel Chunga, investigator that Hna. Arce and I found, got baptized! I know that planting seeds is a huge part of missionary work, and something that we can all do on the daily. Love seeing the work progress!

Hna Richan
My favorite kids in the world

My favorite person in the world- Hna Zahina. Makes my food and washes my clothes, but that's not the reason i love her

Meeting Hermana Valdez
 Excited because cachitos de mantequilla (the reason ive gained weight)

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