Monday, September 14, 2015

14 Sept

Helloooo FAM!

First off, FELIZ CUMPLEANOS MAMA! Hope you have a good day on Sunday, you deserve the best. Love you and miss you mucho.

This week we had Cinco Semanas. Basically we got together with our MTC group and talk about how the first five weeks went. It was fun to see everyone, and hear about everyone's experiences. 

I had another intercambio this week with an hermana from Bolivia, named Hermana Orellana. She's the sweetest, and it was helpful to have a full day with someone who only speaks Spanish. I learn so much more when I am constantly speaking it, and focusing in on what people are saying. And i FINALLY feel like I am understanding a lot! Everyone says understanding comes first, and the speaking. So I'm getting there.

We had stake conference this week, and Pres. and Hermana Rasmussen spoke. It was AMAZING, and I understood most of what they said. Gringo Spanish is so much easier to understand lol. I love seeing them and hearing from them. I can tell they are so inspired and called of God, and i love THEM!

Still no investigators coming to church, but we have some awesome newbies! Viviana and Jaime. They are both having health issues, so they are basically home all the time. They are always home so we can teach them and they are SO receptive. They asked US about church, and what time and details. Which never happens, so we know they want to come. And this week they went to the hospital, and called us later telling us they wanted us to come teach them there but they didn't have the money to get us to the hospital. It is cool to see their desires to learn more, so Im super excited about them.

My Spanish is coming along and I finally know the area, the members, the investigators, etc. So i feel like I am able to contribute a lot more now and it feels so good. I love this place and I'm convinced I have the best area in the mission. I even live close to the mission home, so perks, got to make cookies today with hermana Rasmussen.

Lovin life, hope things are good in Utah! AH i miss the cold! Haha didn't think i would say that, it is so hot here. Anyways life is so good, but miss and love you guys so much!

Hermana Richan

PS i sent a package home hehe YAY
Tamble Grande

 My Bedroom
 Outside the Balcony
 Cinco Semanas
 Stake Conference
 Member that comes with us to everything. Ana Paola. She is moving to Lima this week and I'm so sad
Happy Birthday Mom!

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