Monday, September 7, 2015

Sept 7

Hola familia!
Hope all is well at home! Im loving it here and learning everyday. Its hard but soo so amazing! The weeks keep getting faster, and i can already tell its gonna be over before I know it. 
So last week I talked about Junior... And yeah he seemed awesome until we saw him getting chased by the cops and we have no idea why. We saw him later, and set an appointment but he wasnt home. Just when we think we have someone good, something happens :) But we do have an investigator, named Linda, with a baptismal date on October 2nd. She´'s awesome and has a great testimony, but does not go to church. So we are gonna work on that. This week we had three more people commit to baptism, and they are awesome and are so excited about attending church. Which is a FIsRST because no one likes to go to church here. So that should be good. 

Honestly not much more happend this week because my life is crazyyyy. Hermana Bazan is the only sister leader in our zone, and she is training me.. So I am constantly having exchanges and going other areas while she is in meetings. It's fun, but sometimes hard to make good progress in our area. I am loving getting to know all of the hermanas in our zone though.  This week I had an exchange with Hermana Parks, and she's awesome! Seriously she only has one transfer more in the mission than me, and she was amazing. I learned a lot from the way she taught and cared for the people. I ended up getting sick that night too and she was like a mom taking care of me hahaha. Im good though i think it was food poisoning or something. Anyways, this week is going to be crazier because tomrrow I get to go to the mission home and see my CCM group again and im super excited, and 2 more exchanges. So i will only have 3 full days in my area this week. I like being busy though, time feels like it is flying! Every P day comes so fast. I bore my testimony in sacrament yesterday, and i got a lot of compliments on my spanish hahaha. The problem is, thats really all i can  do in spanish. But idk what it is, I wasnt nervous to bare my testimony in spanish but i always get so nervous in English. And i would rather be teaching lessons in spanish. Kinda interesting, but im loving it! 

Every night from 6 to 8 we knock doors. It is really interesting.. Most people are willing to listen, but arent actually interested. And every so often there are those men that start letting us in before we say who we are hahaha, that's when we know NOT to go in. But we have been finding some awesome investigators this way. 

Not much time, but love you guys so much! Love being a missionary, and love these people. Im honestly so happy that i was called to Peru! Piura es la mejor mision en todo el mundo! xoxo Tengan una buena semana! 

Hermana Richan

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