Monday, August 31, 2015

2 Months :)

Heyy fam :)
It's been an awesome week, especially because ELDER BEDNAR CAME! He talked with us for about 3 hours, and everything he said was so awesome. One of my favorite things that he said was about how we find our testimonies in the bearing of it. It made me want to share my testimony more, but also encourage investigators to share their testimonies with us. They will feel of the truth of the gospel as we give them an opportunity to tell us what they know to be true, rather than us always taking over and sharing what we believe.

After the meeting it was fun to see everyone in the mission. CCM friends and all. Everyone seems to be doing good, but wow I don't know how I got so blessed with the best trainer! I feel like she has made the transition easy, and I love being here.

People are contantly partying here, it's insane. A different fiesta on every street. It makes it hard sometimes when we are teaching lessons, and trying to bring the Spirit, and fiestas are over powering us. CRAZY, but love it here. 
Sooo this week... We were teaching this kid named Boris, and we were teaching lesson 1. And I have been trying to better participate in lessons with what I actually know how to say. And they encourage us to invite to baptism on the first lesson.. So of course, I invited him to be baptized... And Hna. Bazan leans over and whispers, "Um he has already been baptized." UGH he was a less active. Hahaha I felt SO stupid, and just looked down for the rest of the lesson. It was a good for me though, I need to actually get to know the people we are teaching before teaching them. Hahaha it's just hard sometimes when i don't understand them!

Okay, so the investigator I talked about last week ended up moving back to Lima. Without telling us. We were sooo sad, but think we planted a good seed for him.He was really interested. But we found another good investigator named Junior. He is also very interested, and recently had an experience with God in his life. But is not very religious other than that, so he found him at a good time. He is the type of person who puts his mind to something, and does it. So we hope to make progress with him. Other investigators are awesome, but they do not go to church! We do everything to try and get them to come, and they don't. It doesn't help that it is at 8 am... We work a lot with less actives and recent converts though. There are tons of less actives in our area.

The food here is SOO GOOD and people feed us SOO MUCH! I seriously feel myself gaining weight hahaha. But i can't tell them no. :) It's a problem though, Hna. Aida (member who I love), told me that my face looks bigger than it did when I came. AHH. Its only been 3 weeks. I'm glad she's honest though. If I could only see how much rice I have eaten over the past 2 months.... It would probably fill my room.

Im excited for another week ahead! I have 2 exchanges this week. One with Hermana Parks from Medford (from Julee's ward). I love her, she's soo nice! Hna. Bazan is a sister leader which makes my schedule kind of crazy. But it's awesome, and I love it! The language is hard, but I'm learning to force myself to talk to people and I can see improvement. Love you guys! Have a good week.

Te extraño mucho.
Hermana Richan

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