Monday, August 24, 2015

Hola Fam

It's been an awesome week! 
I love everything about this place! Honestly the people, the food, the city, its all awesome. I aready never want to come home. :) But the best is teaching and watching my Spanish get better everyday. I still can't say much, but I have mastered acting like I know what people are talking about. Haha and when I talk, they usually just applaud me and say "good try!" Its alright though, the spanish is comin. 
This week we found the most golden investigator! We were knocking doors, and decided to take a detour through the park.We started talking to this guy from Lima who was vacationing here. He already knew a little bit about the church, but wanted to know more. SO a few days later we went to visit him, and he wasn't there. We started to walk away, and then I felt like we should stay and wait for him. Sure enough like 15 minutes later he pulled up. We went in and he had SO many questions and was so interested. He told us that he decided to live here in Piura for awhile, and that we found him at the perfect time in his life because he has been trying to get closer to God. When he prayed at the end of the lesson, he prayed that he would be able to join the church. It was AWESOME, so we are excited to see where he goes from here.
Other than that, it is just really hard to get people to come to church. That is the one major issue. And a lot of our mission is rescuing less actives. Everyone is super nice and willing to listen, but commitment is hard. 
Today we went to Tamble Grande with our zone which was SO PRETTY. Its a river with little waterfalls and mountains and trees. So pretty, but very different from the area im in right now. There were goats running around everywhere. Lovin it.
Remember that big yellow cathedral that pops up everytime you type in Piura on google? That is in my area. Its way pretty here and I LOVE IT. Seriously I already never want to leave.
I love everything about the missionary life! Its hard but so awesome and i am so glad i decided to serve. Love and miss you alllll xoxoxo
 My Peruvian Family
 This is the street I live on. The left with the yellow and red squares is my house

 Elders Harris and Aluya
 On splits with goats
 Tamble Grande
Tamble Grande

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