Monday, August 17, 2015


Hola fam! Wow i dont know where to start.

So tuesday morning we landed in Piura at about 8 am. I was pretty nervous, but the second I saw the city out the window i felt so much peace and i loved it instantly! Its so much better than Lima. The sun is always out, and the people are so happy and humble. Love it here. The second we got off the plane, our mission president and wife were there with a few missionaries including ELDER HARRIS (friend from school). SOOO good to see him, and he is actually in my zone which is awesome.
My trainer is Hermana Bazan from Lima. I LOVE HER. She lived in Virginia for 10 years, so she is a fluent English speaker. Blessing for sure. We have so much in common, and she is so sweet and patient with me. My Spanish is still no bueno, but she helps me a lot. I couldnt have gotten a better comp for my first transfer.
My house is on the cutest little street in Piura. My area is called Miguel Grau. Im only like 5-10 minutes from the mission home which is awesome. Jaja at least for now i like it. Im lovin the cold shower life. If i was smart like my comp, I would boil my water and shower with it, but nah im gonna embrace it here ha.
The members here are awesome. I already feel like I have a Peruvian mom (Hermana Aida), and she loves me despite the language barrier and all. It has been a HARD week, but i dont think i could keep doing this if it werent for the people. The people are all so nice and make me feel comfortable here although it's hard. The days have a lot of ups and downs but they always end good. And the up moments are awesome.
Yesterday we ate at a member's house. They live in the poorer part of our area. Muddy, dirt floor, no furniture besides their kitchen table and a couple mismatched chairs. When they brought the food out, they gave my comp and I chicken and rice, but they only had rice for themselves. It just makes me sad, I want them to have the chicken over me! But they are so giving and humble. It's really cool to see.
Today i went to Chili's which was bomb. Shoutout to my friends, honey chipotle for vida. Chili's is all i need, i could live here forever.
So being the only one among all Spanish speakers is a really humbling experience. I feel like i am just praying 24 hours a day because i have no one else to talk to. Its good for me, but it is so hard. I have to continually remind myself to be patient. I am living by the scripture Jacob 4:7. Look it up, its my new favorite! I know i will be able to learn Spanish as I look unto God for help.
Love you all and miss you so much, but life over here is amazing! Have a good week! And to Madi and Abbi, have fun at school. ;) xoxox

Hermana Richan

 President and Sister Rasmussen and companion Hermana Bazan
 Elder Harris from Alpine
 Hermana Bazan, my cute companion
At Chili's Restaraunt 

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