Friday, August 7, 2015

Last E-mail from the CCM (MTC)

August 5, 2015

Hey fam!
It´s been a great week, and I am ready to head to the field. This is my last P-Day in the CCM, which gets me soo excited! I am nervous about the unexpected, but so excited to be outside these walls. I think I will miss P-Day next week, so plan on an email a week from Monday.
Not much is new, but I had some way cool experiences with the scriptures this week. I have been reading in Spanish, and it is cool to see the different wording they use. As weird as it is, the way the Spanish is worded sometimes makes more sense to me than English! I have learned so much and i love it. They also use different footnotes, so it is cool to look at the differences and learn more.
I head out on Tuesday morning! I'm so glad that I get to go with my whole district. I love them all, and we have so much fun together. Today all of the hermanas in my district made chocolate chip cookies with Hermana Gonzalez (the CCM president´s wife), and it was good to get a taste of home. As much as I love the compota de fruta they serve for dessert here every night (ITS AWFUL), it was good to have cookies for once.
So unfortunately, the temple is still closed. I was hoping to go today for the last time, but looks like next time i go to the temple will be in 17 months!
We got to watch a devotional live from Provo this week, and i saw so many friends! AH I loved seeing that they were all doing the same thing. Missionary work is amazing!
We found out that a couple weeks after we arrive in Piura, Elder Bednar is coming to speak. I am SO excited for that! Any chance we have to hear from general authorites here is awesome.
I dont have any bad language mess ups this week, but Im sure i will next time after I have been in the field for a few days. Im so excited to get there and see what im getting myself into for the next 17 months! I know it will be hard to adjust, but I'm ready for it!
Love you guys, dont have too much fun in Lake Powell without me :(( :) xoxo
Les amo,
Hermana Richan

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