Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Week 4 Complete

This was probably my favorite week so far! It was AWESOME. 
On Friday we got to go prostelyting with missionaries in the Lima Este Misión, and it was BOMB. I was pretty nervous going out, but I ended up loving it. My comp and I went out with a sister from Mexico who has been out for 14 months. So she knows what she is doing. She didnt speak english but it was good for us to speak spanish the whole day. And we could figure out how to talk to her haha. But we did contacts and just went door to door handing out pass along cards and inviting people to chuch. One lady let us in, and we ended up teaching her about the Book of Mormon. By we, I mean the missionary we were with hahaha. But i did get to explain the difference/comparison of the Bible and the Book of Mormon, and bare my testimony on it. And i shared with another man how to pray and how God has answered my prayers. LOVED IT and the gift of tongues is real. I was suprised at how similar the lessons were in the field to the ones we teach in the MTC. I feel like I understood a lot, so that gets me excited to immerse myself in only 2 WEEKS. 
On Sunday, we watched 17 Miracles and Meet the Mormons, and I had never seen either of those before. So it was nice. Super chill day I LOVE SUNDAYS in the CCM. 
Unfortunately Peru´s Independence day was yesterday and it is like a 3 day holiday, so the temple was closed. But we still went out today and got to shop and look around. Always fun. Cant wait to be in the real world soon. 
An HEFY group came this week, and 2 girls were from Lone Peak! Mom, I took a picture with one of Claire´s friends, and she said she would send it to Claire. So for an extra picture you can maybe ask Claire about it haha. 
My comp and I are just loving life. I feel like we've been friends for so long, and i will be really sad to leave her! Seriously we are just constantly laughing and having the best time. Lets just say our district would be super lame without us. She is like a mix of all my friends in one. It's the best.
The weeks, the people, the language, and everything just keep getting better and better! I'm so grateful that I get to be here in Peru and share the gospel! It's the best thing in the world. And it hasn't really even begun. Love you guys xoxox

Hermanas in my district

This is a picture of us with the missionary that took us prostelyting. Love her and loved it!

My Buds

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