Friday, July 24, 2015

Hola Fam: Halfway w/ CCM

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hola mi bonita familia!
Not much happens here week to week at the CCM, but I still love it! Things are good, and I'm halfway done with this place. My Spanish is still way rough, hahaha, but I'm working on it everyday. I love speaking in Spanish though! Cant wait to be able to speak fluently.
We went to the temple today and it was the first time I decided to do the session in Spanish. It was a really cool experience, and I LOVE the temple! Its the best place to spend the Pday. I tried talking to a lady on the bus and I had no idea what she was saying HA but she was SO nice and I could tell she was interested in what we were doing. I cant wait to be in the field and find people like her everyday! People willing and excited to hear about the gospel.
So me and my comp are great. This guy in our district tells us we act like a married couple on the daily. Not sure what that means, but I guess we love each other hehe. I feel like we´ve been friends for so long which is a BLESSING! My whole district is going to Piura so thats awesome too, we get to stick together. I love them all.
Embarrassing Spanish mistake of the week: Teaching the law of chastity and I was asking my investigator if he had a girlfriend but instead I said "do you do your girlfriend?" Learning everyday. Good CCM mems.
Really not much has happened! BUT on Saturday we get to go out proselyting! Exciting and scary at the same time. But Im more excited for sure. I love talking to Peruvians even though i cant talk to Peruvians. hmm.
Sooo food on the daily... Breakfast: 3 pieces of toast, croissant egg sandwich. Lunch: 4 pieces of bread, chicken, rice. Dinner: 4 pieces of bread, rice, chicken. HAHA and ice cream every day. Cant wait to come back 50 pounds heavier!
Love you all! Have a greaaat week! xoxox
Love, Hermana Richan
 My teacher Hermano Janampa.

 Trying to escape this place hahha.

Lone Peak girls. Hermana Sheffield and Wilson

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