Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

First letter....

First of all QUE EN EL MUNDO the first day was SO long! AFter that time started to speed up though and i honestly love it. Missionary life rocks. The weather is bomb here in Lima, not too hot not too cold. IT will be BLAZING in piura so im living it up. We have bee nout of the CCM a few times, and I love it out there. People are crazy but its so cool. First thing i saw out the bus window was some lady squating in the middle of the road peeing, then she pulled her pants up and kept walking. Typical. Today on the bus a lady was just nursing her baby. Common things around here. BUT I LOVE IT! Seriousy the best.

We went out for immigrtations a few days ago and I had to go to the bathroom. Of course i droppped my toilet paper in the toilet (cant do that) so i had to pull in out and throw it away. Gross.

The food was bad at first, but im getting used to it and like it now. It seems to like me too because it isnt leaving me (THE ONE med i didnt bring mom, ha). Also mom theres a golds gym here. Youd like it.

Not homesick for america yet, maybe i will be at some point. But this place is great. I want time to go faster because im excited for things to come/ i want to learn spanish fster, but because i don't want the mission to go by fast (sorry mom).

I love my teachers. They are so funny and nice and make it less stressful to learn espanol. Our teaching investigators has gone good so far. Its getting easier i suppose.

Not much time but i love you all! SO MUCH! xoxox ]I wouldnt want to be anywhere else! The spirit is so strong everyday and i love it.

Con Amor,
Hermana Richan

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