Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Week Numero Dos

Ayyy familia!

Its been another good week here at the CCM! I have gotten really close with my district and my teachers, which is awesome because my whole district is going to Piura. I love them all! My teachers are incredible, I am going to miss them a lot. I´ve only been out 2 weeks and i can already see why is it harder to leave the mission then it is to leave home. Who knows if i will ever see these people again! I have learned so much from them. My teachers are also my investigators here. The lessons started out really rough jaja but they are getting better.

Going to the Lima Temple is the best! Its cool to experience it in Spanish because it is the same thing. I love how the gospel is universal and the same wherever you go. We basically live Sunday to P-day here. Sundays are the best. Everything is in English and its relaxing. We watch movies and devotionals and they're great.

Typical day here: Wake up at 6:15, breakfast at 7. Then personal study, physical activity, class, lunch, class, dinner, class, teaching investigators. Jaja LONG days but i love it! Weeks are going by faster though. This past week flew. It is crazy that I´m a third done with this place.

There are definitely times where it´s so hard, but then something really great happens and its AWESOME! I love this place, and I love being with people who are doing the same thing as me. It´s comforting. New people came today which was SO nice to see new people! Also a girl I went to high school with just got here so it was nice to see her, Hermana Sheffield. And now that i can somewhat speak a little bit in espanol im making latino friends :) They are all so nice and loving.

Miss you guys sooo much! I pray for you everyday and hope things are going good! xoxox

Con Amor,
Hermana Richan

crammed on a bus with a millionnnnnnn people. Driving is so crazy here its hilarious you feel like you are going to ram into cars. I swear they just go until they are an inch away from a car and slam on the brakes. its the best. and we travel in massive groups and buses that already are overfull try and load us all on its the best
This is my district today.

my roomies and the bffs in the ccm. Girl in the purple shirt is from Lone peak. Alayna Wilson. 

zone leaders. 

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