Monday, September 21, 2015

Sept 21

Last week of my first transfer, check! Today is the first day of transfer numbaa 2, and Im so excited to get going. Its been the best week so far!

So last week I talked about Viviana and Jaime. And yesterday they came to CHURCH! Our first investigators to come to church all transfer, so it was amazing. They loved it, and all the members were so welcoming. They told us that they are coming to our ward activity this week, and to church next week. And they are super sick, so it is cool to see their willingness to come. Im super excited about them. 

I had an intercambio with Hermana Alvarado this week. I love it when i have intercambios because Im forced to speak Spanish all day, and i end up learning a lot. But their area was SUPER humble, and i LOVED it. Seriously it was so quiet, and the people were all just working around their houses. It is easier to teach with the spirit in these areas. My area constantly has fiestas goin on, so its hard to try and teach a spiritual lesson a lot of the time. Music blasting. But I went to her ward counsel, and all the members there were complimenting my Spanish.. So that was a confidence booster, ha but no my Spanish is no bueno todavia. :) Trying to be patient.

This week a man came up to me, and started talking in English. Hahaha every question he asked, I started to respond in Spanish. I gave him the pamphlet and was trying to talk about the church but MAN im so used to doing it in Spanish, it was really interesting. But yeah I dont think i could be an English missionary at this point. 

The new group of missionaries come this week, so YAY no longer the newbie! We get to go out with the new hermanas tomorrow, so Im excited about that. A lot to look forward to! I finally feel like I know all the members, and I am getting more excited about the work. I love it! I feel like I have so much to look forward to every week. My area is especially amazing.

Love you guys, tengan un buena semana!

Hermana Richan

PS there are rumors that El Nino is coming soon, and basically im gonna drown here

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