Monday, October 5, 2015

Oct 5

Don't have that much time this week, but it has been an awesome week!

First of all, CONFERENCE. I loved ALL OF IT! I was blessed to be able to watch it in English with a bunch of missionaries, it was awesome. I went in with a specific question, and it was cool to see how every talk added to the the answer. I feel like most of the conference was centered on Jesus Christ, His Atonement, and how we need to put our trust in Him. I really liked how the new apostles mentioned that God choosed the weak and simple to share His gospel. I feel that way with missionary work too. God calls us to do that things that He needs done, not because of the works we have done. Though Him, we are able to do the things that He needs us to do. I am trying harder now to submit my will to His, and have the courage that I can do what is asked of me.

It was kind of a discouraging week with investigators... It is hard in our area to get people to progress. Viviana and Jaime were hard to catch this week because her dad is dying, and Jaime has been having other health issues. We are praying for them and hope we can move forward with them! But we got pretty discouraged this week.. We had a day where we had little faith, and felt like no one is ever going to progress. Then after a lot of prayer, the next day was amazing! We found 5 new investigators, all are awesome. One lady even had the missionaries before, but I think this time she is ready and interested. 

Other than that it has been a crazy week with conference and everything. Loving it here, and love it more and more every day. Learning so much and seeing blessings everyday and I love feeling so close to the Spirit. 

Love you all, hope things are all going good! Have the best week. Xoxo

Hermana Richan

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