Monday, October 19, 2015

Oct 19

Hola Familiaaaa. Not much happened this week, but it was good!

We had a Conferencia Multizona this week, and it was amazing. President and Hermana Rasmussen focused a lot on perspective. Everything is in an eternal perspective. Every trial that comes will be for our good. Every companion will teach us something. We need to look at the bigger perspective so that we can be happy in everything that comes our way and keep moving forward with faith. It was fun to be with a bunch of missionaries, and see how everyone is doing. 

Transfers are in a couple weeks, so Im getting sad that i probably wont be with hermana bazan for much longer! We got new elders in our ward, and they are the zone leaders. They are really cool, and really motivated, so it is helping us to be better motivated too. We are doing something called La Navidad Blanca (White Christmas), where on Dec. 12they want everyone in the stake to have baptisms. Should be pretty cool, so we are looking for new investigators to work towards this day.

Our area is HARD. It is known for being a hard area, probably because it is one of the richest in my mission ha. But I love it, just feel like not much happens week to week. Viviana came to church this week, and she is still golden as ever. She knows this is the true church, wants to be baptized, but we don't know what to do with her. She either needs to move out from living with Jaime, or she needs to marry him. And she goes back and forth, so we are trying to help her with that.

Not much else happened, but we are excited and motivated this week to find new people and set higher goals. Time flies out here, it is crazy. But i love every second of it! It is the coolest thing being a missionary. Unlike anything else. 

Love you all! BDAY shoutout to Cambam. Have fun in Texasss i'll eat some cake for you because i do that everyday here anyways lol. (cake her is BOMB) xoxoxo

Hermana Richan

Nine months for Hermana Bazan

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