Monday, October 26, 2015

Oct 26

Que tal mi fam? Such a good week, not sure where to start!

I`m pretty sure last week I mentioned that we are doing a Navidad Blanca, and have the goal to baptize people on 12 de Diciembre. And this week we found a new investigator named Kimberly. She is 20 years old, and has a little baby. She lives with her grandma. And she is AMAZING. On the first lesson we invited to baptism, and she said yes. She told us about how she has been wanting to change her life, and we found her at a good time. She came to a ward karaoke activity with us, already has made friends in the ward, and loves everything already. And she talked to her grandma about being baptized, and she is supportive. So we are planning on her being baptized on this day! Super excited about her.

All along we set the date for Viviana to be baptized October 31. She has been living with this guy unmarried, but for some reason I have just felt like it was gonna work out for this day all along. And a few days we got a call and found out they are no longer living together! She has the greatest desire to be baptized, and it is cool to see her faith as she has had to make this decision. So as of now, we are planning on a baptism this Saturday! Hoping everything works out, but there are a few things to work out still. But i'm so excited for her, and feel unworthy at times to teach people who have so much faith for knowing the church for such a small amount of time.

Sooo we just eat here all the time. There was a day this week where we had like a ton of huge meals. One after another. And that night, we had a ward meeting. And yet another big meal got brought out. And i was SO FULL, and it was just funny to me. So of course I started dying laughing, i dont know why. I tend to start laughing sometimes for no reason, and then i cant stop. And it was super awkward, no one knew what was up. And then my ward mission leader started dying laughing, just super funny. But anyways, I made it through the meal! And never wanted to eat again hahah. But also i discovered this fruit called maracuya. And im obessed. It is super sour, kind of like a pomegranite, but tastes like a lemon. Soo yeah new favorite thing.

This is probably my last week with Hna Bazan! Im sad, she has been so awesome. Im not sure what is going to happen, if i will stay in the area or not, but by saturday i will know. But for now, i know we have an awesome week ahead! Love you alllll have a happy halloweeen! Im super sad i cant dress up for my fav holiday, but maybs i will switch name tags with my comp or something. Les extra├▒o mucho! xoxo

Hermana Richan

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