Monday, February 1, 2016

1 Feb

I cannot believe its Feb! Time is flying, and I dont like it. A year ago this month i opened my mission call, CRAZY. But time flies when you are having fun, and honestly im loving every second of the work.

This week was the start of CARNIVAL! HAha all that means is for a straight month people throw water and paint at each other. Yes, we have been hit and had to enter a couple lessons drenched, but thats the life here. Love it. We also spent a night this week killing about a million spiders in our room, and a few cockroaches that I found IN my bed. I feel blessed that these things dont even phase me now HA.

The Familia Barrientos (Maritza and Thomas) came to church again, and this time for the full 3 hours. Afterwards we asked them how they liked it and they LOVED it. It is honestly a miracle because they have a son with a disability. And in the lessons he is always a little bit of a distraction, but when they are in the church he is so calm! He just sits with Thomas and is silent. It is so crazy to me, but I know it is the Spirit. Maritza never leaves her house because she has to take care of him, so it is pretty awesome that they are able to be in the church for 3 hours. Maritza has the baptismal date of Feb 27, and Thomas didnt accept the date still, but only because he wants to learn a little bit more. But he has told us he wants to be baptized, im confident that he will be more comfortable with the idea as that date comes up. They are the coolest family, and I love seeing the changes that the gospel makes in the lives of these people.

Estefany also came to church with us again, and is planning on getting baptized the 27th also. She is having a few doubts because she doesnt want to lose her friends, and her parents are not super supportive. But we are praying for her and hoping she can understand how important this decision is. 

I love being with Hna. Dorado. We work awesome together, and she motivates me to be better. I am learning so much and we are working hard! Talara can only go up from here! I have no doubt that God is preparing His people for Christ to come, I love love love being a part of this work.

Sounds like things are good at home! I pray for you and love you all! Xoxox

Hermana Richan

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