Monday, February 8, 2016

8 Feb

Alooo otra buena semana aca en Talara!
I dont have a lot of time this week, but here is a quick update on things!
We have been working with an hermana named Santos. She has all the right desires to be baptized, goes to church every week, but for right now she is working on getting divorced and married. We are gonna try and figure things out this week, but i know God provides the way for people to be baptized!
La Familia Barrientos, Maritza and Thomas, AMAZING. Came to church AGAIN, as a family. For the full 3 hours. They are so receptive, and i know they feel the Spirit and can tell a difference. They are still hesitant about baptism because they want to learn more. But they did tell us they want to be baptized, they just dont feel ready to set a date on it. But we are pushing for the 27th of Feb. :)
This week Hna. Estefany told us she feels 100 percent ready for baptism! Its a MIRACLE because she was having a lot of doubts with her family and friends, but now she is ready to take this step. She realized that if she puts God first, things will work out.
Awesome things are happening out here in Talaraaa and I love these people soo much. Hope everything is good en los estados unidosss. With Valentines day on sunday, want my fam to know that I LOVE THEM. :)
Have a gooood week xoxox
Hna Richan

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