Monday, February 15, 2016

15 Feb

Lots of ups and downs this week, life is crazy! But things are good, we are working and lovin it. Always miracles and cool experiences everyday. 

Hna. Maritza is better than ever! Came to church, and she has been going to all the the relief society activities and getting to know all the members. She fits in super well, and is participating in the classes, etc. Hno. Thomas on the other hand, doesnt want the lessons anymore, and didnt come to church. He was doing SO GOOD, and we dont know what changed. We had a family home evening in a members house this week, and invited them, but Thomas didnt come. The member, Hno. Eche, was telling Maritza that his wife set him the example to be baptized. He wanted to keep learning more, but his wife made the act of faith, and so he followed her. It is the same situation, Thomas feels like he is not ready and wants to learn, but Hna. Maritza is setting a good example for him. It was a tender mercy that Hno. Eche was able to share with her his experience, hopefully the two of them can feel ready the 27th of Feb

Hna. Estefany told us that she no longer has permission from her parents to get baptized.. She told us she feels super ready, but her mom doesnt want her to go through with it. We have never met her mom, but we are hoping that we can talk with her and she will be okay with it. We are praying that she will be able to, but it is in God's timing!

On Friday, a kid named Cesar approached us and told us he has always wanted to go to church, but he was embarrassed to go alone. He told us he was super interested in the church, and has never been a part of any religion. On Saturday we had a lesson with him and his friend, Jesus, and they both read the pamphlet and knew all about Joseph Smith and all before we even started to talk about the Restoration. And then they came to church the next day for the full 3 hours! And turns out they knew another kid who was a member of the church. We invited them both to baptism and they agreed that if they gain a testimony they would be baptized. Always amazed to find people that God has prepared, la obra está avanzando! 

Amo a todos, y oro por ustedes diariamente! No hay nada más importante que la obra del Señor, me siento tan agradecida por estar aquí invitando a todos a experimentar la misericordia de Dios. Sigan fuerte, y sepan que les amoooo. Xoxo

Hna Richan

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