Monday, February 22, 2016

22 Feb

AMAZING WEEK --> All I can say is exact obedience brings blessings and miracles. We had a lot of activities going on this week, and less time for teaching, but we were able to do everything we needed to do and some AWESOME things happened. :)

This week with the Fam. Barrientos... Last week Hno. Thomas was unmotivated, didnt come to church, and didnt really want to listen to us anymore. But this week we were able to teach him again, and all is well! This week we had a lesson with them, and Hna Maritza told us that she knows the BOM is true. She told us that she feels like the prophets are speaking to her personally, and she loves it. We invited them to pray about Joseph Smith again, so they did. And that night she told us she had a dream that she needed to keep reading the BOM. I know that the BOM is pure evidence that Joseph Smith is a prophet, and she was able to realize that through reading. They both came to church, and are doing awesome. Hopefully everything goes well this week and they will be able to get baptized this Saturday. :)

We had a lesson this week with Hna Santos, and she started crying and told us that she felt the greatest peace and knew that Joseph Smith was a prophet. Now we just need to figure out this whole divorce and marriage thing, but she tells us every lesson that she wants to be baptized.

The mission lately has been really focusing on how we need to focus on 2 things. Teach repentance, and baptize converts. Today I was reading in Alma 62 and in verse 45 it says something like this (im translating from Spanish..): "Helaman and his brothers left and declared the word of God with much power, convincing many people of their iniquities, which made them repent of their sins and be baptized to their Lord their God." Our purpose is to help people understand that we are not perfect, we NEED a Savior. When people recognize their sins, they are able to make these changes in their lives by repenting and being baptized. As a missionary Im learning the importance of repentance in my own life, and how it is so necessary to recognize my sins and repent every day so that I can have the Spirit with me to teach these people.

This week we had a training for the sisters, and we were learning about how we need to be direct and establish our purpose in the first lesson. Hna Dorado and I put this into practice. We are focusing on REPENTANCE and BAPTISM as we teach the Restoration. We are seeing miracles by inviting everyone to be baptized as the understand the Restoration. Yesterday we had a lesson with a 17 year old girl named Tanya. She told us that she has wondered which church was true, and she was glad she had the opportunity to pray to God and find out after having this question for a long time. She accepted to be baptized March 26. God is sending us to the people that are ready to receive the gospel!

Love you alllll xoxox

Hna Richan

 Intercambios with Hermana Parks

 With my companions at Sisters Training

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