Tuesday, November 29, 2016

28 November

Hola fam. Grateful for a lot of things this week. Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving, because I did!
This past week we got a surprise phone call that we were going to be traveling to Piura to have a leadership cousel with Elder Hugo Montoya of the Seventy. Tuesday we headed out and we got to stay with the sisters in Algarrobos (my old area) so it was awesome to see a few members from there. 
Wednesday morning was the leadership cousel. I loved it because we all went with questions and doubts that had to do with missionary work, but I felt like ALL of his answers came down to love and service. I realized that somethimes we complicate a lot of things, but everything comes down to being more like Christ. Loving everyone and serving as Christ would solve a lot more problems than we sometimes think.
We headed back to Tumbes, and Thursday morming Elder Montoya came up to speak to all of the missionaries. While he was teaching, he had all of the missionaries that were in their last transfer stand up. So i stood up, and he told us that we cant think to go back to how things used to be, we will never be the same. The change is permanent, and we should never look back.
Later he opened up the time for us to ask questions. I asked him for an example from his like when he had had a permanent change and learned from his past instead of returning to it. He went on tp explain that he was a rebellion teenager, but after he had come to know Christ on his mission he never looked back, and kept moving forward in the church with his callings, relying on Christ. 
At the end, two people were chosen to have interviews with him, and i was one! In the interview he asked me how I felt about the answer he gave me, and if I had anything else to ask him. So I asked him about HOW he came to know Christ on his mission. He went back to service. Through searching all of the little service opportunites that he could, he came to know his Savior and felt that He was helping him along the way. I know that is true. There is a reason they send kids out on missions, so they can come to know their Savior by serving in order to have a permanent change. Im so grateful that I have felt that change in my life as a missionary, and am excited to keep serving and getting to know my Savior. 
Which is why im SO excited about the new iniative in the church "Light the World" which gives us the chance to serve every day of December. I know that by serving as Christ did we will become more like him and we will share the light that we have as members of the church, and others will want to participate as well. So fam, i hope youre all participating!

Love the gospel and love the peace we find in knowing we have a loving Savior,

Hasta pronto
Hna Richan

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