Wednesday, November 2, 2016

2 November

Dont have much time this week but a quick run down!!

This past week we had a Sister's Training in Piura, and i LOVED IT. It was really interesting, Hna Rasmussen talked about Eve and the two trees. And how Eve, by eating the fruit, allowed us to come into the world (like all women do), just like how Adam (through the priesthood), allows us to get back to God. It was interesting to look at it from that perspective. And then as i was reading "Believing Christ," it gave a really similar comparison. That Mary, by being human, made it possible for Christ to physically die, and God made it possible for Christ to overcome physical death. God's plan is so interesting and so perfect, love learning about it. Always awesome learning from Pres. and Hna. Rasmussen, theyre the best.

 Alver came to church YAY. He has changed a lot, and he keeps telling his wife, Leydi, that he wants to get baptized, but we wont tell us. So new goal: get Alver to tell us he wants to get baptized. We just keep praying for him, he will come around soon. :)

Paulo is also progressing really well. He isnt drinking anymore, he is reading the book of mormon. We are just trying to help him come to church which is hard when he works all night saturday night. But he is getting more comfortable around members of the church, so we are just moving little by little with him.

We met this new kid this week, Brian, and taught him about the Restoration. We asked him what a big doubt was that he had had all his life was, and he literally quoted Joseph Smith, "if there's only one God, why are there so many churches?" And we were like WE have the ANSWER. Always amazing teaching the Restoration to someone who has never heard it before. 

Love the mission, cant believe its November! Hope you all had a good halloween, i was Hna. Pay for halloween.. :) Love you all, have a good week! 

Hna Richan

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