Monday, November 21, 2016

21 November

News on Arturo and Jasmin... They have plans to get married this weekend! We went to their house to teach them, and invited Arturo to be baptized December 17. He gladly accepted, and understood that he would have to get married beforehand. He took the iniciative to plan to get married this saturday (so fast). Its always my favorite thing when people act for themselves, it shows their real desire to follow Christ. 

Alver has FINALLY told us that he wants to get baptized. After keeping it a secret for so long, he let us know. He asked his wife, Leydi, to help him out. To keep up on reading the scriptures and praying as a family. We took him to do family history in the church, and he loved it. He is feeling the spirit even more, and is just waiting to be more constant in doing the little things so that he can choose the day to be baptized. Love their family.

This week i was studying a little bit about Korihor. And how he wanted a sign that Christ existed. And Alma simply explained that isnt everything around you enough evidence? Everything shows us that there is a god. And it made me think about the times we dont see God's hand in our lives. But are we even looking? When we pray and expect an answer, are we doing whats necessary to receive it? Or are we looking for the tender mercies in our lives? Reminds me of when Alma is teaching his son, Helaman. The way is EASY. Just LOOK and you will be saved. We need to look towards Jesus Christ, follow Him, and it's easy. When we promise to always remember Him, we need to notice what He is doing for us each day, and LOOK for Him in our lives. And that is when we are the happiest and life is the easiest. 

Have a good thanksgiving, ill be eating mango pie. :) love you guys, see you soon!

Hna Richan
Hno Jose
 Family History with Carol in the cemetery

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