Tuesday, November 15, 2016

14 November

So hna pay and I, like i said last week, had been pretty frustrated. But after some changes we had the BEST week. A lot of miracles came our way and it was a good confirmation that he had made good changes in our area. 

First off... One day we were walking down the street and we hear "MISSIONARIES," and we look over and see this girl with a baby sitting down on the side of the road with her mom and sister. We went over to talk to her, and she told us that her name was Yasmine, and that she was a Mormon, and used to go to church with her grandma in Pampa Grande, but now she lives in our ward boundaries but has never gone to church. Then she told us her husband wasnt a member. so we made an appt to see them, and invited them to a ward mission night. And they showed up! Her husband, Aurthur, came, and was a super cool guy. With 2 cute little kids. The next day went to visit them, but Aurthur was working. On Sunday, they showed up to church and afterwards Yasmine asked us, "So how can my husband get baptized?" We looked over at him and he just shook his head like YES. It was awesome. Only problem is that they are not married... but nothing we cant do! And they are willing to work towards it.

Next, we were teaching a less active woman and her brother in law, Arnaldo, walked in with his kids. We asked him if he wanted to join in, and he said yes. And we taught him about the Restoration and invited him to be baptized, and him and his daughter were willing to. Later we went back to visit them, and turns out his wife, Mavi, really wants to come and learn more about the church. A really receptive family, what weve been looking for!

We received another referral from Hna Paola, the lady we live with. Her name is Esperanza, and she works with Paola. We went to visit her and her daughter Gabriela, THE BEST. Both of them have been to church before, and loved it. So we are excited to work with them, and it always helps having friends in the church.

We had a "Dia como Misionero" on Saturday. A bunch of youth came and we took them out to work with us, etc. It was a cool experience for them, a lot of people that are wanting to serve. I spoke in the fireside the next day. And i was thinking a lot about how i felt before the mission, and i can now look back at how much ive learned and i cant imagine how my life would be if i didnt come. So grateful that God knew better than i did what i needed to do with my life!

and... Im staying in Tumbes! with hna Pay! Super happy about it, best way to finish the mission. Its a little weird knowing that im finishing in a month, but im so grateful for the experiences i have had and things ive learned. wouldnt change it for anything. Love the gospel and know that its the best thing we have in our lives!

love you guys!

Hna Richan

Last District Meeting of the transfer
Mini Missionary Day with Companions Daniela and Priscila 

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