Monday, May 30, 2016

30 Mayo

HOLAA FAM. After an awesome 6 months in Talara, I am BACK to where I started, in the zone Algarrobos, my area is Algarrobos 1. I am now hna leader with Hna Orellana, the humblest, sweetest sister in the mission, and this is her last transfer in the mission. I am SO excited to be back and to be able to see all the amazing people from my first area too.

This past week in Talara was one of the best. I was able to see some awesome things in these past few days. The cutest family, the kids that you always see in my pictures, their dad, Andy, is less active. And usually when we would teach him, he would laugh things off and not put anything in practice. But yesterday, he finally captured the message, and we could see that he realized that he needs to change and be an example for his kids. It was cool to see after all this time working with him. And his dad, the grandpa of those kids, hadnt gone to church for months. He had been super stubborn with us, if we told him he should go to church he wouldnt go. And this Sunday he came! And when we visited him he was super different, more humble and willing to listen to us. Made my day to see these changes after so much time.

Hna Gladys, when i was saying bye to her, told us how grateful she was that we had knocked her door. She said that she was mad at her son, and about to pack all of her stuff and leave when we knocked. And she said since then she has changed, and she has felt a different spirit in her house. She is awesome, wants to get baptized, just needs to go to church. But i know that day will come!

 My neighbors in Talara are seriously some of my all time favorite people. And 3 days ago their daughter, Xiomara, moved in with a family in Piura while she is studying. And it happens to be the house where I will be living! So her mom Hna, Guisselle, comes to visit her all the time, which is a blessing. Hna Guisselle hasnt been going to church very often because she is a little bit discouraged. Her husband is not a member, and lives in Piura for work. He reads and has a testimony of the Book of Mormon, but doesnt go to church and doesnt want to act on how he feels. And all hna Guisselle wants is to have an eternal family, but that just seems unrealistic for her. But we have sent the referral to Piura for her husband, and no one has taught him. BUT he is going to be coming to visit his daughter all the time where WE live, so we are going to snatch him aside and teach him. I promised her that we will convert her husband so we will see what happens.:) But i love this family and hope we will be able to help them!

Love this work, excited for good things to come in ALGARROBOS! 

Hna Richan

 Love La Familia Nuñez Garcia
 Sunrise with the Christ Statue
 Our runs overlooking Talara
 The Bruno Family
Saying bye to the crew

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