Monday, June 6, 2016

6 Junio

Lovin' life in Algarrobos! Hna. Orellana is the best, I'm learning SO much. She only has a month left in the mission, she knows what she is doing, so I'm gonna try and learn as much as I can from her in this transfer. The area is HUGE, the ward is about the size of all of Talara, so it is kind of hard learning the area, but lots of people to work with and a lot of work to be done!

We are teaching this couple, Cynthia and Carlos, who are AMAZING. They are both reading the Book of Mormon, already in 2 Nephi, and they love it and understand really well. They are already friends with a few members too, and this week they accepted a baptismal date for July 10, we are going to do what we can to help them.

There is another couple, Robert and Diana. Robert is less active, and Diana is not a member. She is SO excited to get baptized, so ready, but they need to get married. Before Robert was a little bit hesitant, and only wanted to get married if they could have a huge party and go all out. But he is finally convinced that if any opportunity comes up to get married, they'll take it. So next step, help them get married.

Corina and Fredy are two teenagers taht we are teaching, they are cousins. They are so sweet and humble, and super receptive. They have had a super hard family life, Both of Fredy's parents passed away, and he was adopted by Corina's older sister. They also want to get baptized, know that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and have felt the Spirit. They have only been to church one time, so we are hoping that we can help them to feel more comfortable going to church and talking with the members. 

We had Leadership Cousel on Thursday, and talked a lot about the importance of contacting our investigators every day. Thinking about it, it is so true that we need to help these people understand that the gospel is not just a once/twice a week thing, but something that we need every day. If we really put in the effort to repent every day, pray, and read the scriptures, that is when God is going to be willing to bless us and to help us change. But I'm excited to try this out and help these people feel the love that Christ has for them as they put in their effort to come unto Him.

Hasta escribirnos en una semana. Sepan que les amo y oro por ustedes a diario. Amo la obra del SeƱor, no hay nada mejor.

Hna Richan
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