Monday, June 20, 2016

20 Junio

Hola familia! First of all, thank you everyone for the birthday emails and all! It was an good day, we played soccer that morning with my district, and they stuck with the Peruvian tradition and threw eggs and flour at me, great way to start the day! My cute comp made me breakfast, we worked all day, and my pensionista made me lemon pie. :) Love all the people here, couldnt have been better.

It was a super interesting week, unlike any other week ive had on my mission. Lets just say we had a full day of pure rejection with fake excuses. We went to visit this one lady, and she her kid told us she left with her baby. And next thing we heard was her baby crying. The next lady that we couldnt enter her house because she was home alone, as we saw her mom poking her head out the window behind her. Excuses like that ALL DAY LONG it got to the point we were just laughing at how rediculous all of the excuses were. At the end of the day, we finally had an appointment with a sister that never fails us, and the power went out! We were super far from our apartment, so we had to run back to our room. BUT with all of the things that happened that day, we were able to distiguish between the people that were actually ready and willing to hear the gospel, and those who werent. There is always something good to pull out of the bad things that happen hahaha.

Diana and Robert came to church again! They are incredible. They have been having so many problems lately, but they are putting God first in everything and its incredible to see the blessings. They will get married in July, and then Diana can get baptized, and they are already making plans to go to the temple in December to be baptized for Dianas mom. The gospel really blesses families!

I decided that my favorite part about the mission is finding new people. There is a reason that we are lead to each person, and everytime we go inside a house we can learn about the lives of these people, why they are the way the are, and help them to find purpose in life. I love hearing their questions and seeing their reactions to the message of the restoration. The more I teach it, the more i am able to understand it and how incredible it really is. 

Love you all, xoxo.

Hna Richan

Hna Casimira
Familia CastaƱeda 
La Copa Piura Vida
La Copa Piura Vida

Peru tradition of cracking eggs and throwing flour for your birthday.

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