Monday, June 27, 2016

27 Junio

Hitting my YEAR MARK this week! Crazy. Amo la piura vida y nunca voy a despedirme de ella.

This week Carlos told us that he did not want to get baptized... He has been expecting some type of sign from God that this is the direction he should go, and he hasnt received anything. It is hard for him to understand the role of the spirit in knowing that the church is true. He is always praying to know, he reads the book of mromon everyday, and he has been coming to church the last few weeks. I know that if he keeps progressing like this he will be able to recongize his answer by the Spirit! But after church this week he was the happiest we had ever seen him, we hope that he will be able to notice the changes in his life since he has started living the gospel.

Robert and Diana are like active members of the church. :) We are just waiting for the 23rd of July to come so they can get married. Yesterday we ate lunch with them, and they were asking us so many questions about keeping the sabbath day holy, being worthy to take the sacrament, etc. They want to do ALL they can to be as obedient as they can be. Its incredible. And Diana asked us "When is the soonest day i can get baptized? I wanna get baptized that day." Love this family!

This week i had an exchange with Hna Dorado, excompi :) Always learning so much from her! It was fun to catch up with her and here about the awesome things she is doing in Miguel Grau (my birthplace). She helped me to remember how important it is to talk to EVERYONE because we never know why we pass by the people we do, and who is prepared. And everyone deserves and will have the chance to hear about the restored gospel. Love sharing it!

Hna Richan

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