Monday, May 16, 2016

18 Mayo

Here is a brief summary of the ups from this week....

-Taxi driver wouldnt let us pay because i was singing and i guess he liked it.
-The kid in the bakery gave us a whole bag of bread free.
-Had a super cool lesson with the Bruno Fam, we talked about how important the Book of Mormon is and they all came to church.
-There is the cutest lady, Hna Nancy, that sells chicken and fries in the street, and we buy from her all the time. And it paid off because she came to church!
-We found a cool family this week, that we found out is the brother of our district pres. The perfect type of people to find.
-Hna Keisa, the recent convert, has been going to lessons with us and is feeling more comfortable sharing her testimony with others.
-We had a lot more support from the members this week.
-Found another family that wanted us to talk about the importance of marriage with them... Perfect because the gospel is the greatest blessing for families.
-Hna Gladys, the lady we met last week, told us that she wants to stop drinking coffee to live the word of wisdom. 
-Gave yet another talk in sacrament, one of the things that used to scare me the most and now i love it hahaha. God really does help us to overcome our weaknesses when we put out trust in him.

Im sure there are so many other great things that happened this week here in Talara, but here are a few! Love you all, have the best week! Xoxo

Hermana Richan

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