Monday, May 9, 2016

9 Mayo

MI HERMOSA FAMILIA it was so fun to talk to you all yesterday, mama hope you had a good day. I already mentioned a lot of this in the skype call, but here is what happened this week...

This week we met Hna Gladys and her daughter, Gladys... She told us that her daughter that lives in Lima is a member of the church, and when she lived here in Talara she always invited her to church. And she never went, but she told us that now she thinks it is her time. Her husband died 3 years ago, and she is now realizing that she needs to have a path for her life. She prayed about Joseph Smith, and told us she felt the greatest peace. Then she came to an activity in the district with us, and she ended up knowing a lot of the people there that are members. It is always a blessing when the investigators have friends in the church! Im excited to keep working with las Gladys. 

The Fam. Bruno is still awesome, the whole family went to church except Hna Ana. We had a lesson with only her this week to teach her about the Sabbath day, and she seemed to understand really well, but she just lacks a little bit of faith. She works on Sundays, but she works on her own time. We are working on helping her gain the faith to understand the blessings she will receive if she keeps the Sabbath day holy.

 We are now working with the family of a recent convert (a year and a half). His mom at first didnt want ANYTHING to do with us, but out of nowhere she decided that she wanted to listen to us, and she now lets her daughter go to church when before she wasnt allowed. So that was a MIRACLE, i hope things go well with them. 

Yesterday I spoke in Sacrament meeting about service. And how everything we do in the church is to serve, and to become more like our Savior. Like it says in the Book of Mormon, that Jesus Christ suffered all because of His infinite love for us. And how can we gain a Christ-like love--> we can serve. I know as we serve we come to love as Christ loves. I love the talk that Elder Holland gave in November about mothers. Because they serve their children they love them, support them, and suffer for them. Love you mom, Espero que tuviera un bonito dia de la madre, gracias por todo!

Hna Richan

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