Monday, August 29, 2016

29 Agosto

Well this place is an adventure! Loving every second. Hna Spainhower is keeping things interesting, shes teaching me how to eat juevitos (mini quail eggs), how to sing Peruvian music because shes got the words down. Maybe because IT NEVER STOPS PLAYING. If you wanna listen, look up combi. And this week we conquered the task of opening cococuts. Life is good in Tumbes, sometimes I tell Hna Spainhower that this place reminds me of Provo. Shes thinks im crazy, sooo Im in for it when I go home!

I was thrown out here to gradually learn English again... 1) English compi. 2) We have an investigator from Ukraine named Julia. But she speaks 4 languages, and we teach her in English. She is soo sweet, super great. Comes to church every week, and super receptive. I feel so much more love for the gospel in English naturally so I love teaching her! There are always random gringos walking around in this place, so we stopped and talked to three girls this week from Holland and Germany. I automatically started talking about the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ to find out after that they didnt even believe in Jesus. Made me realize how different it would be to be serving a mission in a different country, I'm so used to thinking everyone believes in Christ. I'm grateful to be serving in a country where everyone believes and has a basic understanding of the Savior. 

We have an investigator, Harold, who is getting baptized this Saturday. Hes AWESOME because he has so many real questions, real interest in the gospel, and real concerns. He is good friends with all the YSA (okay I am too I love these people here!) and he fits in really well with the ward. It is good knowing that investigators will be taken care of after they are baptized.

The work is awesome here, I feel super blessed to have already met I the people that I have met. It amazes me the miracles that are seen everyday in the lives of these people. And when people are ready to receive the gospel, it is never anything that the missionaries did, it is simply God's hand in their lives and we are just there to find them and help them find the truth. I have been reading in Alma about Ammon, and it is true it is all God working through us and there is SO much joy knowing that people are truly being converted to the gospel!

Amo la obra del SeƱor, no hay nada mejor que ella. 

Hna Richan

This is the view from my room. The chapel. Apparently the church wanted to build the court right next to it and offered these people a million dollars for their house, and they wouldn't do it. So now there is a random house in the middle of church property. 

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