Monday, August 15, 2016

15 August

Short email but this sums up the week...

Leadership counsel was awesome. Always love learning from other missionaries and Pres. Rasmussen.  

Harold is HOPEFULLY getting baptized this week!! It is awesome when investigators come to us because they are actually interested. He called us about 5 weeks ago, and has been an awesome investigator. He has tons of friends in the church, goes to institute, knows so much. This week we are gonna talk to him about going on a mission. :) so thats this sunday!

Last week we prayed and fasted to find a prepared family to teach. and we found a few families! We are learning that we need to be more specific when we pray. :) Because we found 2 super cool families but they arent married. And a lady that we found, Hna Marcela, that told us she already knows the church is true, and was wanted to get baptized like 3 years ago, but she isnt married. So hopefully we can help her out!

This week i was eating lunch... The usual. A mountain of rice, and menestras (soupy beans). And i found a gusano in my rice. I gagged, scooped it into my napkin and put it in my pocket. Tried not to think about it, kept eating. Found a hair... Took it out. Kept eating. Found ANOTHER gusano. That was IT I told my pensionista that I wasnt gonna be able to finish. A little offended but couldnt do it. Youre gonna have to translate the word gusano.

Love you fam, hope things are good! Madi and Babs have school next week HA enjoy your last week of summer. XOXO

Hna Richan

Leadership Council
Leadership Council
Leadership Council

Family Night
Villa Las Americas


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