Friday, August 5, 2016

1 August

This week in the Piura Vida...

On Tuesday I had an exchange with Hna Sandison. Shes the BEST. Love her so much, learned a lot. And also it is always fun to be with Americans for a day because it gives us a chance to eat American food. First chocolate shake that I had had in over a year. :)

And while I was in Hna Sandison's area, over in my area, Algarrobos, Harold, one of our investigators, told Hna Salazar that he wanted to get baptized as SOON as possible. So that was awesome. He has been going to institute with some friends, and something changed in him. Its the small and simple things that change us and strengthen us. 

Today I was reading in Alma, and this scripture stood out to me in Alma 5:21. "...for there can no man be saved except his garments are washed white; yea, his garments must be washed white until they are cleansed from all stain, through the blood of him of whom it has been spoken by our fathers, who should come to redeem his people from their sins." It doesnt matter what the sin is, we have to be completely clean from everything. Ive been thinking about all the little things that hold us back from being clean from ALL stains. Music, thoughts, TV, movies, internet. All these things that keep us from doing the little things that we should be doing.. Reading the scriptures, serving, etc. If we change the LITTLE things, if we listen to better music, manage our time on internet, remember the important things, and make more time for God in our lives, we will feel closer to Him and be more prepared for Christ's coming. But even when we feel like we are living good lives, there are always little things we can improve to be closer to our Savior. 
Peru experience of the week: This week a man came up and talked to us and was like "WHAT are you doing DOING around here, its SO dangerous. I own this place. Ive killed 17 people around here. But ill take care of you guys because my daughters are mormon. I would go to church, but i cant live two lives.. Im gonna keep living this way but dont worry ill watch out for you guys..." While everyone around us was looking at us like STOP TALKING TO HIM. But we are alive, blessings of the mission. :)

Love you all! Hope youre lovin summer. Peruvian winter > American summer.

Hna Richan

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