Monday, September 5, 2016

5 September

A short wrap up of this week!

On Wednesday we headed out to Piura. 6 hours on a bus, stayed at the mission home (luxury here), had leadership counsel Thursday, and headed back Thursday night. So the week flew by, and then Harold got baptized on Saturday!

Harold's baptism was awesome, but the best part is when he bore his testimony on Sunday. He talked about how he had a lot of trials all day Saturday, but how they were all super easy for him. How it was like Satan throwing all these trials at him right before he got baptized, but God was helping him and it was a lot easier than he thought. So he knew he was making the right decision. His testimony made me think a lot about the mission. SO many hard things, but somehow (I know it's with God's help), and if we put our trust in Jesus Christ, our burdens are light and it is so much easier. I'm so grateful that God has helped me to see that it really is by HIS grace that I've been able to do hard things. Jacob 4:7.

 Love the members, investigators, the cute little family we live with, the street performers, foreigners, fish sellers, the people here are THE BEST. Never want to leave Tumbes. Of course this had to be my last area, now im never gonna want to go home. ;)

Love you guys, have a good week! 

Hna Richan

PS fam.. Hope you had fun in Filmore for labor day, i took a trip to Ecuador. 

Peru y Equador

Harold's Baptism

Consejo de Lideres

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