Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9th

Holaaa Fam! SUCH a good week!

So like I said last week, my comp is Hermana Arce from Paraguay. And she is AMAZING. Seriously I still dont understand a lot of peoples Spanish accents... But i understand her perfectly! Its the best. She is the funniest person I have ever met, and such a good missionary. I saw a lot of miracles with her this week.

For one thing, we had a ton of people contact US this week! Which is super not normal. Makes missionary work a lot easier haha. But these people are so awesome. One man that has attended the church a lot in his life, but has never been baptized. His name is Roberto, and he came to church this Sunday. And another woman named Claudia contacted us, telling us that she needs God in her life, and she has been looking for us. And she wants to change. We are excited about working with them.

This week we found this panaderia (bakery) with the BEST bread. We bought 2 soles each (like 10 pieces) and downed it in like 10 minutes hahaha. Sooo bad, never doing that again. But it was so good. Anyways, we were feeling pretty sick after that. So we took a sit, and next thing we know, a man approached us. His name is Manuel, and he told us all about how drinking has ruined his life, and he has been losing his family because of it. And he has all the desires to change. So we set an appointment, and told him about the church. And sure enough, he CAME. It is just crazy because it is so hard to get investigators to church here. But After church he was so excited to start taking the lessons. We pass by his house every once and awhile, and he keeps reminding us about our appointment. He is awesome, but with his problems it might take some time to work through them. But the blessings of eating bread until we were sick.

Viviana also came to church with us, and she is doing so well. Still looking forward to her baptism in a month. She has been making friends in the church, learning all the hymns, and inviting her kids to church now. She is awesome.
Ive never been happier! I am learning so much now that I have to speak Spanish all the time. And I feel a lot better, and more confident with it. And I know that is it the Spirit that guides everything we do and everything I say, because I definitely wouldnt be able to say the things I do on my own. Everyday I gain a greater appreciation for this work and I LOVE IT!

Have the best week fam, love you all so much! 

Hermana Richan

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  1. What a good week you had. I miss Peru. We had such a great experience there. I think of you a lot. It sounds like you are doing great. Keep up the good work. Love you, Aunt Anne