Monday, November 16, 2015

Nov 16

Buenas tardes familiaa! Still lovin the mission life, hope all is going good at home.

This week was awesome! There is always something awesome happening in the mission. Life is sweeeet. In our ward, on the day of La Navidad Blanca with all the baptisms, we are going to do a live Nativity. They all nominated me to be the angel hahaha SO yeah I was looking forward to this awesome day of baptisms until I got assigned to act a part! No, it is going to be good. I am so excited for that day. Viviana is counting down the days til her baptism. She was at church this Sunday, and she is doing awesome. As for our other investigators, no one else came! It is something that we really need to focus on this week. They need to attend 3 times before they can be baptized, and there are 3 Sundays left until December 12. So that is going to be our focus this week. 

Yesterday our ward had their primary program. It was AWESOME. Something that I love about the members here is they make EVERYTHING a big deal. For the primary program, every kid was matching and there were tons of people there. They made invitations, and people have been talking about it for weeks. So finally we had it yesterday, and I loved it. The kids here are the cutest. But I love the enthusiasm that all the members have for every little thing. Every event here for the church is something to get excited about.

It was not a very good week of progress unfortunately, but it just motivates us to work harder this week. We are trying to get investigators ready for baptism on the 12. As of now we have 3 investigatores preparing for this day. I hope we can get them to come to church.

Im now the English teacher in my district, so that should be fun haha. It will be a nice engish break for 15 minutes once a week. Woo. No i am loving speaking Spanish all the time, it is a weird feeling sometimes I dont even notice. I feel like Im speaking English. But life is awesome, and I love seeing what each day brings! Hope you all have an awesome week, thinking of you and praying for you always! Xoxox

Hermana Richan

PS jeaous of your snow! It is getting even hotter here but LOVIN IT because its mango season :))))

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