Monday, October 3, 2016

3 Octubre

well conference pretty much sums up the week. :)
more area updates next week, but our investigators are all progressing really well, and after teaching the cutest 11 year old boy (comes to live with his member grandparents on the weekends) he is getting baptized Saturday. Its gonna be a good transfer!

I loved conference! Of course I loved Elder Uceda's talk, peru mission shoutout. I went into conference with 2 questions.... A lot of times in the mission God has answered my prayers in the weirdest ways, and a lot of time hard things for me to accept. So I went into conference thinking about how I can accept God's will and do what He wants instead of what I want. And also how can i make prayer sincere and spiritual every time I pray. And I was thinking these were two questions that had nothing to do with each other, but finds out they have everything to do with each other! If we pray for things without real intent, it is going to be really hard for us to feel the power of prayer in our lives. And real intent IS being willing to accept the answers God gives us because we love Him, and want to do His will. I thought about how Elder Uceda denied the impression 3 times to turn back, just like I received 3 answers that i needed to serve a mission and it was STILL hard for me to accept. But i know that whatever answers God gives us they are for our benefit and we will be happier if he do His will. Just like I will be forever grateful for the impressions I received to serve a mission, it has changed my life in so many ways and i know that God sent me knowing I would be happier and be better off! Plus it is the best helping other people to be happier.

Had an awesome transfer with Hna Spainhower, learned SO much from her and I know a lot of the things I learned will help me for the rest of my life. Love her. Shes off to Zarumilla (super close) and im staying here with Hna Pay! Very sweet, diligent missionary from Laguna Niguel, Cali and im SO excited to work with her! Good things to come :) 

Love da fam! Hasta la proxima semana

Hna Richan

Peruvian Cemeteries

 Celeste is Engaged
 General Conference in English
 Saying goodbye to Hermana Spainhower and Elder Meier
 Monkeys with Flabia

Marilyn, my favorite member

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